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Maryland has one of the best local solar rebate policies. The state offers $1000 for residential solar system installation of a minimum 1 kW capacity. And by combining the local solar rebate with other solar incentives, including the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), you can save big on going solar. 

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As a local resident, the best solar company in Maryland for you is definitely the one that helps you take full benefit of all the local solar rebates and other solar incentives. Also, companies that offer competitive quotes and longer warranties are the best options to look for.

5 best solar companies in Maryland

There is no shortage of local as well as non-local solar installation companies in Maryland. However, it is important to research the history, credibility, and portfolio of the company in order to make an informed decision.

Here are the five best solar companies in Maryland that have good online ratings, offer competitive quotes, and do not compromise on warranty tenures: 

1. SolarEnergyWorld 

Address: 5681 Main St, Elkridge, MD 21075

Telephone: 866-856-4580

SolarEnergyWorld is one of the best solar companies in Maryland for credibility as it has garnered good ratings and reviews in online solar installation marketplaces. Also, the company is locally headquartered in Maryland, has an in-house team, and does not operate through sub-contractors.

With SolarEnergyWorld, customers get the local advantage of affordable cost-per-watt rates that can go as low as $3.75/W. The company also offers customers the flexibility to choose between full purchase and financing payment options. Warranty for the company’s solar panel and battery system is usually more than 20 years. 

2. Lumina Solar

Address: 3600 Commerce Dr. Ste 601, Baltimore MD 21227

Telephone: 1.800.971.6118

Lumina Solar is another credible solar installation company in Maryland that is locally headquartered in Baltimore. The company has garnered good online ratings for reliability as well as competitive quotes. In Maryland, the solar installer offers a competitive cost-per-watt rate that averages around $4.15/W. 

Lumina Solar offers solar panel installation as well as solar roofing and minor solar roof repairs. The company is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer and therefore specializes in solar power storage as well. Also, the company offers 25+ years of warranty on solar panels, solar roofing, battery system, and labor.

3. Celestial Solar Innovations

Address: 7820B Wormans Mill Road, Suite #172, Frederick, MD 21701

Telephone: 240-409-1148

Celestial Solar Innovations is one of the best solar installers in Maryland for custom residential solar system installation. The company specializes in solar panel installations and is associated with several solar company manufacturers, including LG solar, Panasonic, SolarEdge, Enphase Energy, and IronRidge. 

Celestial Solar Innovations offer a cost-per-watt rate of $4.50/W and ensure 20+ years of warranty on the solar system and labor. Similar to other credible solar installers in MD, the company offers full purchase as well as financing options. 

4. Sustainable Energy Systems

Address: 4509 Metropolitan Ct, Frederick, MD 21704

Telephone: 301-788-4003 

Sustainable Energy Systems is a family-owned solar installation company in Maryland and is locally headquartered in Frederick. Despite having a limited-scale operation, the company offers solar panel installation as well as solar power storage systems.

Sustainable Energy Systems also offers a competitive cost-per-watt rate that averages around the $4.50/W mark. The company offers 25 years of comprehensive warranty that covers solar panels, battery systems, labor, and overall workmanship. Also, customers get to choose from various purchase options, including PPA, full cash purchase, leasing, and loans.

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

5. Maryland Solar Solutions

Address: 11436 Cronridge Dr., Suite V, Owings Mills, MD 21117

Telephone: 410.363.4300

Maryland Solar Solutions is one of the most reputed solar installers in MD. The company offers a wide range of solar solutions, including solar installation, solar energy audits, and commercial solar installation. They also offer the live monitoring feature with every residential solar system to install. 

Maryland Solar Solutions offers a cost-per-watt rate of $4.20/W along with 25+ years of warranty on the solar system and workmanship. Similar to other solar installers in Maryland, the company offers full cash payment, financing, and lease payment options.


1. How long does it take solar panels to pay for themselves?

For most homeowners, it takes an average of 7 to 10 years for solar panels to cover the total solar installation expenses. The tenure may seem long, but considering the fact that solar panels have a longevity of at least 25 years, you do benefit from 50% of the total working life of your solar system. In many cases, solar panels can cover the cost in less than 7 years as well. 

2. How much does it cost to go solar in Maryland?

The cost for solar installation in Maryland depends on the kW capacity of the solar system. For most homeowners, a solar system of 6kW capacity works fine. And in Maryland, the installation cost of a 6kW system averages at $17,040. 

3. Do solar panels last forever?

No, many mid-quality solar panels last up to 25 years. High-quality solar panels can last up to 30 to 35 years with regular maintenance. Replacing older solar panels after 25 to 30 years will cost significantly less with advancements in technology. 

4. How many solar panels would it take to power a house?

The number of solar panels needed boils down to the overall energy consumption in the house and the hours of sunshine received. Similar to other cities, solar companies in Maryland conduct an energy audit that helps determine the kW capacity needed which, in turn, determines the number of solar panels needed. 

Solar installation cost in Maryland

For a 5kW solar system, the installation cost averages at $14,200 in Maryland. The solar installation cost in Maryland comes almost on par with the rates in other states. 

Here is a breakdown of the solar installation cost of systems of various kW capacities: 

Source: EnergySage


Considering the fact that the Federal solar investment tax credit has been extended till 2023, it’s best to go solar as early as possible. This is because the solar tax credit is speculated to remain effective at 26% only till 2022. It is speculated to drop to 22% in 2023, and all the way to 0% after 2023. 

By taking the benefit of the 26% of the solar tax credit, you can significantly lower your solar installation expenses, and further decrease the installation cost with local solar rebates, net metering program, and other solar incentives. 

Source: Sunrun

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

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