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New Jersey is one of the best US states to go solar. The state not only has one of the most affordable utility costs but also offers several solar incentives that help residents get the right returns on a shorter period of time.

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When looking for one of the best solar companies in NJ, it’s important to learn about the types of purchase options they offer. And it goes without saying that it’s also important to factor in the cost-per-watt rate and warranty tenure in order to get the best value from the solar installer you choose.  

5 best solar companies in NJ

Despite the fact that New Jersey is one of the smaller states in the country, there is no shortage of credible solar installers that are based in and out of the state. Here are the five best solar companies in NJ that have good online ratings and have a credible track record of residential solar installation: 

1. Solar Me 

Address: 110 Main Street, South Amboy, NJ 08879 

Telephone: (866) 851-4364

Solar Me is a fully insured solar installation company in New Jersey that is locally headquartered in South Amboy. The company has a medium-sized operation and deals with some of the most popular solar component manufacturers, including LG, Panasonic solar, Sunpower, and Enphase. 

Solar Me offers a competitive cost-per-watt rate in the state that averages around $4.10/W. The company specializes in both solar panel installation and battery system, and offers up to 25 years of comprehensive warranty that covers the entire solar components and the overall workmanship.

2. Momentum Solar

Address: 1931 Olney Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ

Telephone: (888) 666-3688

Momentum Solar is a full-service solar installation company in NJ. The company has a large-sized operation and also operates in other states, including California, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, and New York. And with their large-scale operation, the company is able to offer a competitive cost-per-watt rate of $3.36/W in New Jersey.

Momentum Solar only offers solar panel installation in New Jersey with an extra minor roof repair service. However, the company does offer all types of purchase options, including loan, lease, PPA, and full cash purchase. The solar warranty of the company is effective for up to 30 years. 

3. Solar Energy World

Address: 100 Twinbridge Drive, Pennsauken, NJ 08110

Telephone: 866.856.4580 

Solar Energy World is one of the largest solar installers in New Jersey. The company is associated with various reputed solar component manufacturers, including REC, LG Solar, SolarEdge, and Enphase Energy. The company’s cost-per-watt rate averages at around $3.90/W in the state. 

Solar Energy World offers battery system storage as well as solar panel installations in NJ. And the warranty for both is more than 25 years. Also, the company offers customers the flexibility to choose between financing and full purchase options. 

4. NJ Solar Power

Address: 90 Atlantic City Blvd. Bayville, NJ 08721 

Telephone: (732) 314-7319 

NJ Solar Power has a long track record of professional residential solar installation in New Jersey. As such, the company is one of the top-rated solar installers in NJ. The company offers high-quality solar components of top-rated manufacturers, including Panasonic, LG, SolarEdge, and Enphase Energy.

NJ Solar Power’s cost-per-watt rate averages at around the $4.50/W mark. Similar to other solar installation companies in NJ, NJ Solar Power offers up to 25 years of comprehensive warranty that covers the solar component, battery system, and overall workmanship. With the company, customers also get the option to make a full cash payment or go with the financing option.

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

5. SunBound Solar

Address: 4 Campus Dr Suite 102, Parsippany, NJ 07054 


SunBound Solar isn’t locally headquartered in New Jersey. However, the solar company serves the entire NJ as it has its local office in Parsippany. It deals with Tesla, Enphase, and Generac solar components and offers a cost-per-watt rate of around $4.50/W.

SunBound Solar offers up to 25 years of warranty for the solar system, battery system, roofing, and labor. With the company, customers also get the option to choose between leasing, loan, and cash purchase. SunBound Solar also offers minor roof repair services. 


1. Is it worth going solar in NJ?

Yes. In fact, New Jersey is one of the best states in the US to go solar as the utility cost is significantly affordable than in many states in the country. Also, there are several solar incentives available in the state that lower the overall expenses of going solar. 

2. Is solar really free in NJ? 

Not really. If you want to fully pay for or finance your solar system, you can benefit from the Federal solar tax credit program, the net metering program in New Jersey, and other local solar rebates. 

You can get solar panels for free in some cases where solar installation companies make a push for leasing the solar system. And leasing a solar system may be a viable option for some but not for many as it brings returns at a much slower rate. 

3. Can you sell electricity back to the grid in NJ? 

Yes, the Solar net energy metering program in New Jersey helps you send the excess solar energy you have generated during the day back to the grid. By doing this, you can earn some extra cash and even lower your overall utility expenses.

4. Does NJ have a solar tax credit? 

Local residents in New Jersey can apply for the federal solar investment tax credit (ITC). Other solar incentives, such as the net energy metering plan, and local solar rebates are also available for NJ residents planning to go solar. 

Solar panel installation in New Jersey: cost

Solar installation cost is slightly lower in New Jersey than in several other states. This is because the market average cost for a solar system of 5kW capacity comes at $13,850 which is comparatively lower. But of course, solar companies in NJ do offer pricing quotes for a 5kW system that is lower or higher than the market average price.

Source: EnergySage

Here’s the market average cost of solar systems of various capacities in New Jersey: 

Source: EnergySage


In order to save as much as you can when going solar in New Jersey, it’s important to learn about all the solar incentives that are available in the state. To help you get started, we recommend checking out this post in order to learn about all the solar incentives that are available in New Jersey.

Also, we recommend checking out New Jersey Government’s official clean energy program website in order to stay updated on all the latest incentives that the State Government offers. 

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

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