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San Antonio is one of the top cities for solar not just in Texas but across the entire nation. According to the Shining Cities 2020 report, the city ranks sixth for solar panels installed per capita and scores the fifth rank for total solar panels installed in the US.

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And due to the increasing popularity of commercial as well as residential solar in San Antonio TX, the solar market in the city has become highly competitive. And the higher the market competition, the more affordable the solar installation costs get.  

A solar system of a 5kW capacity has an average market cost of around $12,800 which is significantly less than in several other states and cities in the nation.

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Who should go solar in San Antonio TX?

While solar installation is significantly affordable in San Antonio, it isn’t for everybody. So, who exactly is solar right for? For starters, solar is worth the investment for permanent residents in the city, this mainly has got to do with the gradual returns that solar systems deliver. 

In most cases, solar panels pay for themselves within 8 to 10 years. And after the solar system delivers the total return on investment, residents do not have to spend extra on utility which, in turn, drastically lowers their utility expenses. 

On the other hand, solar isn’t the best for those who plan on moving out from the city. This is because solar systems do not deliver quick returns unless they are fully paid for. So, if you are someone who plans to move out from the city within 5 to 6 years, you will not entirely benefit from a solar system that you have financed or leased. Also, financed and leased solar systems actually lower the resale value of the home. 

7 best solar companies in San Antonio: local & non-local installers

San Antonio being one of the largest and most important cities in Texas offers its residents various options for solar installation companies that offer solar panel as well as battery system installation services.

Here are the seven best solar companies in San Antonio with top online ratings: 

1. Envirosolar Power

Address: 11933 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX

Telephone: 844-607-4690 

Envirosolar Power is primarily headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. However, the company offers comprehensive installation services for solar in San Antonio, TX. The company specializes in solar panel as well as battery system installations and facilitates seamless integration with all the locally available solar incentives.

Envirosolar Power offers a cost-per-watt rate of $5.65/W in San Antonio along with 25 years of warranty for all the major solar components. When opting for solar services from the company, customers get to choose between financing and full cash payment options.

2. Sunpro Solar 

Address: 17245 Jones Maltsberger Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247

Telephone: 210-245-5721

Sunpro Solar is one of the largest companies for solar panel installation in San Antonio, other Texas cities, and other states. The company has its local office in the city and is able to ensure seamless integration with local solar incentives. The Southern Californian company installs high-quality LG solar panels for homes in San Antonio.

Sunpro Solar, with its large-scale operation, is able to offer a competitive cost-per-watt rate of $4.27/W. Sunpro Solar also comes as one of the best solar companies in San Antonio for comprehensive warranty as it offers 25 years of warranty for solar panels, battery systems, inverters, production, and labor. Leasing, financing, and full cash purchase are the payment options available.

3. South Texas Solar Systems

Address: 10203 Kotzebue ST., STE 109, San Antonio, TX 78217

Telephone: 210-796-5616

South Texas Solar Systems is one of the top-rated Texas-based solar companies that dedicatedly serve San Antonio. The company shares partnerships with two major solar component manufacturers, including Tesla energy, and Lumin. Similar to some of the best solar companies in San Antonio, the installer specializes in both solar panel and battery system installation.

South Texas Solar Systems offers a competitive cost-per-watt rate that averages around the $4.00/W mark and up to $0.68 per watt of rebate. Customers get up to 25 years of warranty from the company for all the major solar components. They also get the flexibility to choose between financing and full cash payment options.

4. Freedom Solar Power 

Address: 12861 Wetmore RD, San Antonio, Texas 78247 

Telephone: 210-361-2883

Freedom Solar Power is a multi-state solar company but has its office in San Antonio. The company is a Sunpower elite, premier, and authorized dealer and therefore offers top-tier Sunpower solar panel installation in San Antonio. The company also specializes in solar power storage as it is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. 

Freedom Solar Power offers a market average cost-per-watt rate of $4.75/W. The company offers up to 25 years of limited warranty on all the major solar components and overall workmanship. Payment options available with the company include financing and full purchase.

5. Solar Edge Pros 

Address: 11010 Coachlight St., San Antonio, TX 78216

Telephone: 210-401-9030

Solar Edge Pros is locally based in San Antonio. Although not as large as several multi-state solar companies such as Sunpro Solar, the company offers battery systems as well as solar panel installation in San Antonio and other Texas cities.

Solar Edge Pros offers a cost-per-watt rate of around $3.90/W. The company offers 25 years of comprehensive warranty on all major solar components and up to 20 years of warranty on the overall workmanship. Financing, as well as leasing and full purchase, are the payment options available with the company. 

6. Alba Energy 

Address: 1777 NE Loop 410, #600, San Antonio, Texas 78217

Telephone: 210-571-0311

Alba Energy offers competitive quotes for solar in San Antonio TX and therefore offers good options for affordability. Similar to other well-established solar companies in San Antonio TX, the company is fully insured and offers solar panel as well as battery system installation services in the city.

Alba Energy specializes in offering LG solar panel installations in San Antonio. The cost-per-watt rate of the company averages between $3.90/W to $4.50/W. Also, the warranty from the company for all the major solar components and overall workmanship is limited to 10 years. 

7. Sunshine Renewable Solutions 

Address: 13906 Chisom Creek Dr, San Antonio, TX 78249

Telephone: 832-280-8838

Sunshine Renewable Solutions is one of the well-established and licensed Texas electrical contractors that offer battery systems as well as solar panels for homes in San Antonio. Apart from San Antonio, the solar installation company also serves several other Texas cities.

Sunshine Renewable Solutions has partnerships with several solar component manufacturers, including LG Pro and Enphase Energy. The company offers an industry-leading warranty period of up to 30 years for all the major solar components and overall workmanship. Also, the company offers leasing, financing, and full purchase payment options.


1. Is it worth going solar in Texas?

Yes, it is definitely worth going solar in Texas. This is mainly because the weather of the state highly favors solar power with up to 5.50 hours of peak sunlight per day during summers. Also, there are several solar incentives available in the state that significantly lower the overall cost of going solar. These solar incentives include Federal solar tax credit, Texas solar rebate programs, Texas net metering program, and renewable energy systems property tax exemption.

2. Do you really save money with solar panels?

Yes, solar panels do help residents significantly lower their electricity utility expenses. However, the return on investment takes quite some time. In most cases, solar panels pay for themselves within a span of 6 to 10 years.

3. What are people saying about Solar Installation services in San Antonio, TX?

Some of the best solar companies in San Antonio that offer solar panel and battery system installation services in the city have been garnering good ratings and reviews in online solar marketplaces.

4. What are some highly-rated businesses for Solar Installation in San Antonio, TX?

Sunpro Solar, Solar Edge Pros, Freedom Solar, and Envirosolar Power are some of the best companies with top ratings for solar panel installation in San Antonio. These companies have exponentially grown their online presence and they easily rank for common search terms such as ‘solar energy installers near me’ and ‘best solar installers near me.’

Buyback and net metering in San Antonio

Unlike several Texas cities such as Dallas and Houston, San Antonio doesn’t offer residents the flexibility to choose from different electric utility companies. However, the regulated utility company in the city, CPS Energy, does offer solar rebates and a net metering program. 

The net metering program helps San Antonio residents significantly lower their electric utility expenses. We recommend learning more about CPS Energy’s net metering program for San Antonio in this post

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If you are new to solar energy net metering and aren’t much familiar with it, we recommend getting your basics right from this post in order to truly understand how it can benefit you via your home’s solar system. 

Source: Helio Energy Solutions 

To learn about the solar net metering programs and other Texas cities, we recommend checking out this post

Incentives for solar in San Antonio, TX 

Similar to how it is in other cities in Texas and other states in the US, local residents have the option to choose not just one but several incentives to lower their expenses while going solar in San Antonio TX. 

There are three main solar incentives available in San Antonio, including Renewable Energy Property Tax Incentive, solar energy net metering program from the electric utility companies (only CPS Energy in San Antonio), and Federal solar Investment Tax Credit for Residential Renewable Energy.

Also, it is important to note that the Federal solar Investment Tax Credit is scheduled to be dissolved after 2024 for residential solar installation. The tax credit is speculated to only be applicable for commercial solar installations, and that too at only a 10% margin. 

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Wrapping up 

In order to get the highest returns from a residential solar system, it’s worth combining the solar system with a battery system in order to store the extra solar energy generated during the day. 

By storing solar energy during the day, you can use the stored energy at peak evening and night hours while lowering your electricity consumption from the grid. This, in turn, works great in significantly lowering the monthly electric utility costs. 

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Storing solar energy to a dedicated battery system also helps residents lower their dependency on the grid. This, in turn, helps them avoid hassles during great power failures. In fact, a record number of Texas residents have got their solar system installed with a battery system to avoid grid power failure hassles. 

It goes without saying that the best solar companies in San Antonio offer top-tier solar battery system installation. However, it’s also important to note that there are not just one but two types of solar batteries, including AC batteries and DC batteries. 

Also, there are multiple solar battery manufacturers to choose from. To help you clear your confusion and make the right decision in determining which battery of which specific company will work right for you, we recommend going through this post

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