Solar batteries are life-changing. They save you a lot of money, energy and also help protect the environment. All these benefits ask for one simple thing, proper maintenance! Imagine how hard it would be to be stranded on a deserted road with no help when you could solve your problem by keeping a solar battery maintainer with you.

These solar maintainers do not cost much and provide comfort and ease. Whether you are a hiker, camper, or RV owner, a solar battery tender should be your constant companion. When you go searching for one, you will find a lot of options in the market.

 Make sure you get a solar battery maintainer of excellent quality, that is reliable and durable. After all, you do not want to be in trouble and ruin your trip even after investing in all the essentials. 

What is a solar battery maintainer and how does it make your life easy?

A solar car battery maintainer sounds complicated but in actual it is the simplest thing ever. You only need to place the solar panel somewhere with bright sunlight and connect it with your vehicle. That is it! You will never have any dead battery issues in the middle of a fun trip. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and converts it into electrical energy to charge your car batteries.

Uncharged or dead batteries are a major problem with big vehicles, especially those that are used less frequently. If you are an RV, caravan, or boat owner you might have faced it countless times. Therefore, you must know how infuriating it is to get on your vehicle all excited but it does not startup. An even worse scenario would be to have a dead car in the middle of the road.

This is where a solar battery maintainer comes to play. It charges your car batteries whenever and wherever needed. It relieves you of the worries of your car so you can focus on more important things.

Amazing benefits of solar battery maintainers

It goes without saying that solar battery trickle chargers make your trips convenient and more enjoyable. It gives you one less thing to worry about when you have a lot to remember. The benefits are endless. It would be a loss to have a car and not know about solar battery maintainers.

  • Saves you additional bucks!

You might find them a bit more expensive in comparison to the regular battery chargers, but in the larger picture, you save a lot more than you initially spend. It is the solar panels and other stuff that is expensive, while the running cost is nothing. 

It gets the energy from the sun which is, of course, free hence, greatly reducing the overall cost. If you have a solar panel at home, you would know its effect on your annual bills. Therefore, Solar battery maintainers are a great step towards sustainable living.

  • User friendly

You will not believe how simple it is to use solar battery tenders. It might as well be easier to operate than the regular chargers. You do not have to do anything, it does it all on its own. Since there are no working machines involved there is no risk of messing things up.

You only have to place the solar panel on the dashboard, roof, or any place that receives sunlight and connect the lead to your car. No matter how inexperienced you are, you can always use a solar battery maintainer for your car.

  • Increased battery life

This is probably the most beneficial aspect of switching to solar car battery maintainers. It is estimated that a good quality maintainer almost doubles the life of your car battery. This should be enough reason to invest in this fascinating piece of technology.

A solar-powered battery tender charges your car battery equally. Unlike the electric-powered maintainers that sometimes have unsteady power flow, the solar-powered maintainers have a balanced nature. Hence, your car battery will not overcharge which is a major reason for lead battery’s damage. Moreover, a longer life span means less expenditure thus, more savings.

  • Safe to use

The biggest drawback of any electrical device however useful it might be is the danger it poses. It is crucial that you take complete precautions whenever you are near an electrical device. With solar battery maintainers, you do not have to worry about it.

Usually, solar battery tenders for RV operate at 12V. This is such a minor voltage that there is absolutely no risk of any danger of getting a shock. They are long-lasting and more durable than conventional maintainers so you do not have to invest in another one for a good twenty to thirty years.

  • Environment friendly

We are already on the verge of running out of resources, hence it is the right time you shift towards sustainable power sources. A solar car battery maintainer would be a good place to start.

 It does not produce any smoke, noise, or unwanted materials paving way to a cleaner environment. It makes use of solar energy and converts it into electrical energy to cover your needs. 

Types of solar battery maintainers 

Solar battery trickle chargers can be broadly categorized into two types on the basis of their output and placement.

On the basis of placement

There are two ways you could place your solar battery maintainer on your vehicle. You can either choose a bracket-mounted charger or one with a suction cup. Both of them work well, it all depends on your preference. 

A bracket-mounted panel can be adjusted according to the direction of the sun. you can tilt and turn the bracket any way you want. On the other hand, a suction cup provides you the flexibility of placing the solar panel anywhere you want. It especially works well when you have to put it on a boat, deck, or any such place where it would be hard to stabilize the panel.

On the basis of power output

When it comes to solar-powered devices, power plays an important role. You can find a lot of power outputs ranging from five watts to more than 20 watts. It depends on your budget and preference.

A higher power output means that your battery will charge soon, while a lower voltage will take more time for the same amount of charge.

6 best solar battery maintainers 

Editor’s choice

ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer

All the solar battery maintainers on this list have been selected keeping the quality and features in mind. Therefore, they all work well. But if there was one that outranks them all in terms of value for money it would be the ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer.

This 12V solar battery maintainer is the most reliable and sturdy piece you will find in the market. It will not require any maintenance and still last you a lifetime. The waterproof frame, reverse diodes, and compact structure easily make it a top-rated piece.

Sunway Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer

From 1.5W to 8W, this is one of the best solar battery maintainers. It is convenient to use and does not require any expertise or skill. You can even plug it in your car’s cigarette lighter to work it. This makes the operation easier and accessible.

 The suction cup that comes with it for the mounting ensures that you can use it anywhere and not just in your car. Stick it at a bright and sunny place for optimal usage, and long working hours. There is no danger of overcharging since the output voltage is perfect for everyday use. 

The battery is charged in a balanced manner to elongate the life span. Your car’s battery will work like never before. The ultra-clear PV glass covering on the panel protects your solar battery maintainers and increases their working capacity. It absorbs almost double the energy it would otherwise.

It is lightweight and portable, so you can take it with you everywhere. The alligator terminal clamps that come with it fasten it tightly to reduce the risk of slipping and damage. The LED charge indicator comes in handy on cloudy or foggy days.


  • Easy installation
  • Great water resistance
  • Portable


Average performance in winters and cloudy days

Schumacher SP-200 Solar Battery Charger and Maintainer

If you are on the lookout for a sturdy solar battery maintainer that works great even in adverse weather conditions Schumacher SP-200 would be your best pick. It comes in a variety of outputs depending on your budget. Of course, a 10W solar charger would work faster than a 2.4W charger. But if you are on a tight budget Schumacher’s 2.4W one would work great too.

The use of amorphous technology means that you can work it even on cloudy days when the sun comes up for a short time. This robust trickle charger works great on such days working on its full potential. It is water-resistant and sturdy so you can use it on open boats and other vehicles. 

It is great for rough use such as on safaris, camps, and hiking trips. Whether you are looking for a solar boat battery maintainer or a solar battery tender for an RV, this one would be the right pick. It requires minimum to no maintenance so you do not have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.


  • Water-resistant
  • Works well in less sunlight too
  • Sturdy body


  • No light indicators

SUNER POWER Solar Car Battery Maintainer 

Next on our list of best solar battery maintainers is SUNER POWER Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer. Whichever type of battery you have, this solar battery tender would work with it. You can rest assured for this battery charger is compatible with almost all battery types. You only need ample sunlight to power it, and it does the rest.

It works perfectly with Wet, Gel, SLA, AGM, and Deep Cycle batteries, as well as all types of vehicles. Be it a motorcycle, RV, boat, or snowmobile SUNER POWER covers it all. Since it is solar-powered you will not face any electrical issues as well.  Any 12V battery, this solar car battery maintainer would charge it. 

Even though this maintainer is heavy-duty, it is made with compactness and portability in mind. It is lightweight and durable. The high-quality glass and frame ensure a long, and strong life. It comes with a built-in system of diodes, that eliminate the chances of reverse charging. 

This way your solar battery tender works efficiently to increase the overall life of your battery. For your ease, it comes with four suction cups as an aid to mounting the solar car battery maintainer. It is much easier, and faster than your conventional charging system.


  • Good quality frame
  • Works with all types of batteries
  • Suction cups mounting


  • Slow charge on cloudy days

Topsolar Solar Panel Car Battery Charger and Trickle Battery Maintainer

Another great option for solar battery maintainers that last long and work exceptionally well is the Topsolar Solar Panel Car Battery Charger. This premium quality solar trickle charger works for any 12V battery. You can use it with your RV, motorcycle, marine boat, or trailer and not be disappointed. 

There is no hassle in setting it up. It hardly takes a few minutes. All you have to do is place the panel in direct sunlight, and connect it to your vehicle. There cannot be anything easier than this. It does not require any maintenance or care. The high-quality glass and frame mean that it can withstand extreme conditions without any issue.

Topsolar Solar Panel Trickle Battery Maintainer is made for your comfort. Therefore, it comes with a built-in circuit board. It prevents backward discharging, thus saving your battery from overcharging and damage. No matter if the voltage is low or unbalanced, your battery is safe with the Topsolar battery charger.

Its design speaks of its quality by itself. The portable and lightweight nature makes it even easier to maintain the health of your vehicle’s battery. It comes with a light indicator for when the battery is charging so you know it is working.


  • Firm alligator clip
  • Waterproof
  • Durable


  • Panel gets hot in the sun

Aeiusny Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger&Maintainer

Devices made for your ease should be easy to use. This is what the Aeiusny Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger focuses on. This basic yet efficient solar car battery maintainer works a lot better than its competitors. The conversion rates are better with decreased charging time. The mono-crystalline solar cells are specially designed to give 20% more energy.

You only need sufficient sunlight to make it work. Other than that there are no limitations. The light-weight and small size make it easier to carry it with you everywhere. It comes with special features to facilitate you. The best of them are the light indication and reverse diode. Both these features combine together to give you the best user experience. 

The indicator lets you know when to charge, while the reverse diode stops the solar maintainer to overcharge or discharge back at night. These useful specialties make it worth your money. Use it for your car, RV, boat, or any other vehicle no matter which battery type it has. 

Aeiusny Solar Car Battery Trickle Charger works with all 12V batteries such as Wet, Gel, SLA, EFB, AGM and Deep Cycle batteries, etc. Hence, there is no reason to worry about any compatibility problems. It is made with water and windproof material for all your diverse needs.


  • Robust body
  • Elongates your battery’s life
  • Gives 20% more energy


  • Indicator lights stay on all the time

ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer

When it comes to solar-powered devices, you cannot ignore Eco-worthy. It has been manufacturing some of the best solar panels and devices. Thus, the list of best solar battery maintainers could not have been complete without ECO-WORTHY Solar Car Battery Charger & Maintainer.

This solar trickle charger has perfect dimensions for your use. You can get any wattage solar panel and it would suit your 12V battery well. The higher the wattage of your solar panel, the better your solar battery maintainer works. It all depends on your budget. If you have some extra cash, you should get a high output panel, giving you fast results.

The suction cups that come with it help in the proper mounting of these maintainers. The clips provided with it have a strong grip. There are no weather issues since these are IP65 certifies, ensuring complete protection from strong wind and rain. The backward diode eliminates the risk of overcharging or discharging in case of an unbalanced current.

You can use this solar trickle charger on cloudy and gloomy days as well. The high-quality poly-crystalline solar panel makes its operation possible on such days when there is less sunlight for charging.


  • Easy to use
  • Works with a variety of different batteries
  • Water and wind-resistant


  • No indicating light

Buying guide: what should you consider before getting a solar battery maintainer?

Build quality

A solar battery maintainer is usually placed on the roof or windshield of your car. They are also taken on camping and boat trips which means that they will be subject to rough conditions. Hence, it is extremely crucial for them to be sturdy in build. 

All the good quality tenders come with IP65 ratings and robust solar panels. When looking for solar battery maintainer reviews, make sure you shortlist the ones which are durable and long-lasting.


Solar battery trickle chargers need to be placed in your car somewhere they get ample sunlight. Therefore, you should check the size of your car before you get it. They are taken on the go for any emergencies, so it is essential that they fit in your car. 

If you plan on charging your car’s batteries only at home, size and portability will not be an issue. The more compact structure it has, the more ease and comfort it provides.


The best solar battery maintainer comes with both solar and electrical means of charging. After all, what would you do on a rainy or cloudy day when the sun does not come out? This is why a backup is essential. This includes cigarette lighter ports in your cars, etc. 

For most days the sunlight is more than enough to charge your batteries. Even if there is no light, you can always charge your batteries in emergency situations.

Voltage output

Voltage output affects how fast the batteries charge. The higher voltage your solar battery maintainer has, the faster your batteries charge. Of course, this comes with a price. All the solar car battery maintainers are priced according to their power.

The economical options under 30 dollars have lower power than the expensive ones. If you are getting a high-power solar tender, make sure it comes with reverse diodes for overcharge protection. Otherwise, it will adversely affect your vehicle’s batteries.

Frequently asked questions

How do solar battery maintainers work?

Solar battery maintainers make use of solar energy to charge your car, RV, boats, or vehicle’s batteries. They absorb the light energy through the solar panels and convert it into electrical energy. This energy is then used to charge your batteries.

 Moreover, solar car batteries are used in those vehicles which are used less and are at risk of running out of power. Nowadays, it has become a car essential to carry solar car battery maintainers in case of emergencies.

Are solar battery maintainers any good?

Solar battery maintainers are an excellent option for RV, boat, and trailer owners. These vehicles are used less, therefore lose their charge over time. To avoid this inconvenience, solar battery maintainers provide the perfect solution. The maintainers keep the car batteries charged without overcharging, or discharging them.

Solar-powered tenders charge your car batteries in a balanced manner. There is no risk of overcharging. It is also a great way of sustainable living. If you are someone who is concerned about the environment, this might be a good place to start. 

How to use a solar battery maintainer?

It is really simple to use a solar battery tender for an RV. You do not have to dig deep into the complexities. Furthermore, there is no electric current involved so it is safe to use it for beginners and inexperienced also.

You only need a location on your vehicle receiving bright sunlight. It can be the windshield, roof, or dashboard. Next, plug the solar panel into the vehicle’s socket or cigarette lighter. That is all you need to know about using solar battery maintainers.


Solar battery maintainers are a great investment. They do not cost much and provide a great alternative to electric battery chargers. Another plus point is their portability. You can always keep a solar car battery tender with you. This way you will not face any problem the next time your car has battery issues in the middle of the road.

They are mostly used to maintain the charge rather than charging a dead battery. You can find a lot of options available that are both budget-friendly as well as reliable. Choose the one that best suits your pocket and requirements.

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