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A regular-sized fridge isn’t the best-suited load for a solar generator. However, it is one critical asset of your home that shouldn’t be left unpowered during power failures. Standard refrigerators may keep the food inside cold for four hours only when the doors are kept closed. 

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Therefore, the right portable power station for refrigerators does come as an important and beneficial asset, especially during long hours of power failure. 

Can a solar generator power a refrigerator?

If you have been looking up battery-powered generators for refrigerators online, you might already be aware of the fact that solar generators with low wattage aren’t suitable as they simply cannot power standard-sized refrigerators that commonly have a starting wattage of up to 1200W. 

A low-wattage solar generator, such as the Jackery Explorer 300W, will simply fail to meet even the lowest initial starting/surge wattage requirements of 800 W of many standard-sized refrigerators. 

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Therefore, the best solar generators for refrigerators are the ones that are rated for a surge power delivery of 800W or more. 

How to choose the best solar generator for refrigerators? 

Choosing one of the best solar generators for a refrigerator isn’t complex. You can simplify it by factoring in the most important power requirements of a refrigerator, starting watts, and running watts. 

Fridges use an electric motor which requires additional power to start. This additional power requirement is surge watt (starting watt). And after the motor starts running, it doesn’t require the additional starting wattage and can run on lower power which is known as running wattage.  

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To get your hands on one of the best solar generators for a refrigerator, choose a model that has the same or higher starting wattage rating as that of the refrigerator. For running wattage, match the Wh or kWh of the solar generator with your refrigerator.  

Best solar generator for refrigerator: for standard fridges 

Despite several misconceptions, it is absolutely possible to power a full-sized refrigerator with a solar generator. Generators rated for high wattage can suffice for meeting the starting as well as running power requirements of most standard full-sized refrigerators.

Here are the three best solar generators for refrigerators: 

1. EcoFlow DELTA Power Station – 1800W power for all types of full-sized fridges

EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is a compact yet powerful solar generator capable of running most full-sized refrigerators. This 1800W model can power full-sized refrigerators with high surge demands as it is capable of offering up to 3300W of surge/starting power. 

As one of the best solar generators for refrigerators, EcoFlow DELTA Power Station is compatible with the kWh per day power requirements of most standard-sized fridges. The solar generator also comes equipped with several features, including 6AC outlets, high output cooling fans, and easy-to-use controls. 


  • Fast charging feature supported
  • Powers up to 13 devices at one go
  • USB Type A and Type C ports included
  • A dedicated control display used


  • Heavier weight than other portable generators
  • Cooling fans can get noisy
  • Warranty limited to 24 months

2. Jackery Explorer 1000 – portable power station for refrigerators with high surge power ratings

Jackery Explorer solar generators are a popular choice among outdoor enthusiasts, including campers and hikers. The Jackery Explorer 1000, in particular, is a great option for running a full-sized refrigerator as it is rated for 1000W. This model is one of the best solar generators for refrigerators that require 2000W surge power or less. 

Jackery Explorer 1000 is capable of delivering up to 1002Wh of power. Ports available in the solar generator include three pure sinewave AC outlets, one DC car port, two USB Type A ports, and two USB Type C ports. 


  • A built-in high-quality MPPT charge controller included
  • Supports power input from electric generators and vehicle power output
  • Compatible with all Jackery solar panels
  • Lightweight overall design


  • Can heat up during heavy loads
  • No support for fast charging 
  • The built-in flashlight doesn’t have a bright illumination

3. Point Zero Energy Titan – versatile battery-powered generator for refrigerator

Point Zero Energy Titan is simply one of the best solar generators to run refrigerators in terms of powerful performance as well as versatility. Unlike most solar generators, this model offers users the option to remove or add batteries in order to decrease or increase the overall power output. This gives you the flexibility to go for a battery configuration that’s best suited for your full-sized refrigerator. 

Point Zero Energy Titan also surpasses other portable power stations for refrigerators with the availability of six dedicated AC outputs. The generator is designed to accept all types of compact batteries which ensure uncompromised versatility. 


  • Two high-performance MPPT charge controllers used
  • Battery expansion supported
  • Fast charging supported
  • Up to 10 years warranty


  • Requires an additional charger for a dual battery set up
  • Can heat up during heavy loads

Solar generators to run refrigerator: for mini fridges

Mini fridges have significantly less power requirements when compared to regular, full-sized refrigerators. As such, you do not have to limit your options to just high-power capacity solar generators. 

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Here are the three best solar generators for mini refrigerators and coolers: 

1. Jackery Explorer 500 – feature-packed mini fridge solar generator

Users generally have to make compromises with features when it comes to choosing a low-power solar generator for a mini fridge. However, this is not the case with Jackery Explorer 500 as it is a feature-rich battery-powered solar generator that is well-suited for most types of mini fridges and mini coolers. 

Jackery Explorer 500 supports up to 518Wh of power delivery. It comes equipped with multiple output ports, including one AC outlet port, two DC ports, one car port, and three USB Type A ports. 


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • A dedicated display used
  • A built-in flashlight included
  • The AC port can deliver up to 500W of power


  • USB Type C ports aren’t included
  • A full charge from solar panels can take up to 7.5 hours
  • Only one AC pure sine output included

2. GOAL ZERO YETI 400 – affordable yet powerful solar generator for mini refrigerators

GOAL ZERO YETI 400 is one of the most affordable and compact battery-powered generators for refrigerators, specifically mini refrigerators. This solar generator can run most mini fridges and mini coolers as it is rated for 400Wh. It can offer up to 7 hours of runtime for most mini fridges. 

Despite having a compact overall form factor, GOAL ZERO YETI 400 comes equipped with not just one but two AC outlets. It also offers two USB Type A ports, two DC outputs, and one car power outlet. 


  • Two AC outputs are available
  • A dedicated display included
  • Replaceable battery design
  • Comparatively lightweight design


  • USB Type C ports aren’t available
  • Fast charging function isn’t included

3. Paxcess Rockman 500W – high-power solar generator to run mini refrigerators

Paxcess Rockman 500W combines powerful performance with portability and therefore comes as one of the best solar generators for mini refrigerators. Although a comparatively portable power station for refrigerators, this model is rated for 519Wh. 

Paxcess Rockman 500W offers one AC outlet that is capable of delivering up to 110V. One Type C USB port, three USB Type A ports, two DC ports, and one car power port are the other power outlets available in this solar generator. 


  • Can deliver up to 8 hours of runtime for mini fridges
  • USB Type C output port included
  • A dedicated display included
  • Overall lightweight and compact design


  • Only one AC output included
  • The generator can get hot during heavy loads
  • No fast charging feature


1. Can a solar generator power a refrigerator?

Yes, solar generators that offer 1000W or higher starting power and 800W or higher running power can run full-sized refrigerators. For mini refrigerators and mini coolers, solar generators rated for 500Wh are good options.

2. Will a 2000 watt inverter generator run a refrigerator?

Of course. Solar generators with inverters that are rated for 2000W have a minimum of 2000W of starting/surge power and a minimum of 1500W of running power. And for reference, most full-sized refrigerators have a maximum of 1800W of surge power requirements. 

3. Can solar generators run multiple refrigerators?

Solar generators cannot run multiple full-sized refrigerators mainly because the surge power requirements of two full size refrigerators can exceed the 2800W or 3000W mark. However, high power solar generators can run multiple appliances along with a full-sized refrigerator. 

Solar generators vs. Gas generators

When it comes to comparing solar generators with gas generators, the modern benefits of the former outweigh the conveniences associated with the latter. There is no denying the fact that traditional gas generators are significantly more affordable than modern solar generators. 

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However, solar generators offer modern features such as USB, DC, and car power outlets that improve the convenience of powering modern devices, such as smartphones, laptops, smart speakers, CPAP machines, and smart home appliances. 

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Also, solar generators are more durable than traditional gas generators as they do not have any moving/mechanical parts. Modern solar generators are also significantly lighter in weight than traditional gas generators. And not to forget the sustainability associated with solar generators. 

Over to you

When choosing a battery-powered generator for a refrigerator, it’s worth factoring in other requirements as well. For example, you may want to power other types of appliances and devices with the solar generator you plan on buying. 

By considering the power requirements of other appliances and electronic devices you have, it becomes easier to choose a solar generator that can best meet your overall power requirements. Here’s a reference chart that shows the type of devices and appliances a 1000W solar generator can power. 

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