Solar Consultant: What, Salary, Growth and Job description

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Being the face of solar businesses, solar consultants are the first line of communication between the solar company and clients. Whether it’s a solar component manufacturer working towards building a strong dealer network or a solar installation company focusing on sales, an individual or a team of solar consultants can help streamline the processes and achieve the right results. 

For solar businesses, solar consultants are an everyday blessing. And for individuals who are interested in embarking on a rewarding solar career path, the job role of a solar consultant can open up immense learning and growth opportunities. 

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What is a solar consultant? 

A solar consultant is a sales and customer management representative of a solar company. It’s through a solar consultant or a team of solar consultants that solar companies can grow a dealer network and/or garner more customers and improve sales. 

What does a solar consultant do? This is one of the frequently asked questions about solar consultation. In most solar companies, the primary job role of a solar consultant is to deal with clients, especially prospective clients. 

In solar component manufacturing companies, solar consultants are involved in B2B processes, including assisting solar installation companies who want to be a part of the dealership program. The solar consultants will help the solar dealer companies get well versed with all the policies, and terms and conditions of the dealership program. 

Also, by explaining all the perks of the dealership program in detail, solar consultants of solar component manufacturing companies can help grow the dealership network across a single state, multiple states, and even across the entire country.

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In solar installation companies that have end customers as their target group, solar consultants help interested customers planning to go solar understand more about the benefits of choosing solar power from the company.

After a customer requests for consultation, the solar consultant will set an appointment date and visit the customer’s address accordingly. The solar consultant will give a brief about the solar installation company and perform a thorough survey of the home. 

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Upon completion of the home survey and discussing electricity usage/requirements, the solar consultant will have a proper idea for determining the right solar power capacity, solar panel placement, solar power storage requirement, and utility hookups. 

The solar consultant will then make a customized proposal that will include every detail of the solar installation, including the solar power generation capacity, types and numbers of solar components, solar component brands, solar roofing, net metering plan, and integration with local and national solar incentives. 

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Solar consultant salary

Solar consulting is definitely a rewarding career path. Just like the way it is with other jobs in the solar and other industries, solar consultants get higher salary packages as they acquire more experience and sharpen their skills sets.

In many solar companies, solar consultants are responsible for sales as well as energy requirement/panel installation evaluation. And in many solar companies, there are separate consultation teams for solar sales and solar energy evaluation/assessment.

Solar sales consultant salary

Beginner solar sales consultants who are new to the job may receive an annual salary package of around $28,475. On average, solar sales consultants with a couple of years of experience receive an annual salary package of $39,290. 

With more than four years of experience and upgraded skill sets, solar sales consultants can receive more than $50,051 of annual salary package. 

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Solar energy consultant salary  

Compared to solar sales consultants whose primary line of work is improving sales, solar energy consultants are required to have a deep understanding of the solar products, packages, and post-purchase services of the solar company. They are also required to assess clients in analyzing their current electricity usage and evaluating solar power requirements. 

As such, solar energy consultants receive impressive salary packages. New solar energy consultants can receive an annual salary package of up to $46,102 while experienced and highly-skilled professionals taking up high-level job responsibilities can receive up to $88,182 per year.  

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Solar consultant career growth

Solar consultant jobs offer one of the most rewarding and fast-growing career path opportunities to fresh graduates and diploma students. This has all been possible due to the immense growth of the solar industry across all US states. 

Solar consultants, being the primary representatives of solar companies, undertake many responsibilities which impart industry-focused learning as well as fast-paced growth. As beginners, solar consultants learn how to paint a clear picture of the company’s solar services and their benefit for the clients. 

By developing client-first communication, solar consultants can improve their credibility by efficiently meeting their KPIs (key performance indicators). Solar consultants get the opportunity to progress their way up to become team leaders, project managers, site inspection team leaders, project coordinators, business strategy team members. 

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Solar consultants job description

Solar companies looking forward to recruiting solar consultants need to put up a proper job description. When recruiting new solar consultants, it’s important for the solar companies to explain the job and its roles and responsibilities in detail. 

This is because beginner candidates applying for the job may not be aware of the entire roles and responsibilities. Solar companies also need to list out all the basic education qualifications and skills needed to be eligible to apply for the job of entry-level solar consultant. 

Things are a bit different when hiring senior/experienced solar consultants. Solar companies do not necessarily have to list out basic requirements as most experienced solar consultants are well-versed with the job role. 

Many solar companies have specific requirements from senior/experienced solar consultants. In such cases, it’s important to list out all the high-level Job roles and responsibilities that senior solar consultants are required to take up. 

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Solar consultant near me: looking up solar consultants online 

If you are planning to take professional help from solar consultants who are located close to your address, in your locality, it’s best to use search terms such as ‘solar consultant near me’ and ‘solar consultants in my location’. 

If you want to broaden your online search in order to check out more options in your city or county, it’s best to use search terms such as ‘solar consultant in San Diego’ or whichever city/county you reside in. 


1. Is solar consulting a good job?

Definitely. Solar consultants are one of the most important assets of any type of solar company. As such, solar consultants play a crucial role in helping solar companies reach various goals, including improving sales, maintaining a good post-purchase customer experience, and diversifying the customer/dealership network reach. 

2. How to become a solar consultant?

In order to become a solar consultant, it’s important to either have a technical education background or a technical past work experience. Many solar companies that hire entry-level solar consultants provide extensive training that helps them get ready for taking on the job roles and responsibilities. 

3. Does a solar consultant career have longevity? 

Yes, being a solar consultant is definitely a sustainable career. This mainly has got to do with the fact that there are plenty of growth opportunities for solar consultants as they gain more experience and upgrade their skill sets. 

Wrapping up

To wrap up, it’s important to acknowledge the fact that solar consultants play a pivotal role in helping solar companies reach their goals in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. 

Similar to solar consulting, there are several other solar jobs such as solar installers and solar repair that offer a promising career path filled with tremendous growth opportunities. 

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