Living off-grid or in areas that experience frequent power outages shouldn’t be an excuse not to secure your property. Burglars are always on the lookout for loopholes to attack their prey, and having no security systems installed is one of those loopholes. Solar security cameras are the real deal for adding security to commercial and residential properties with no electric connection or just for backup. 

Regardless of preferences and budget, we’ve got a list of the top ten solar security cameras you can install to your property to get real-time updates of your property. 

Camera Name Video capture resolution Storage 2-way communication/ Audio Night vision Motion DetectionGoogle/ Alexa Support 
Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Camera 1080pCloud storage only2-way communication YesYes Supports Alexa
Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Security Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audio Yes YesSupports Google assistant
Reolink Argus PT w/ Solar Panel1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audio Yes Yes Supports Google Assistant
ReoLink Outdoor Argus Eco+Solar Panel Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audio YesYesSupports Google Assistant
IeGeek Wireless Solar Outdoor Security Camera1080pCloud and SD card storage2-way audio Yes Yes Supports both
Soliom S600 Pan Tilt Outdoor Security Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way talkYesYesSupportsBoth  
Zumimall Solar Powered Outdoor Surveillance Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audio YesYesSupports Both
Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security 1080P Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audio YesYes Not supported
Conico Outdoor Wireless Solar Security Camera1080pSD card and cloud storage2-way audioYesYes Supports Good Assistant
YESKAMO Outdoor Free Wire Audio Surveillance System1080pCloud storage and SD card2-Way audio YesYes Not Supported

Best Solar Security Camera: Top 10 Reviews 

1.  Ring Stick Up Cam Solar Camera

Ring stick up cam solar camera tops our list of the best two-way talk indoor and outdoor camera with an impressive video recording resolution of 1080p. Comprising a Live View feature that’s effortlessly operated via the Ring app, the camera lets you monitor your property remotely. This solar-powered camera also connects seamlessly to Alexa, letting property owners enjoy more peace of mind watching over their homes remotely.

Enjoy a bird’s eye view of your property and get real-time notifications of the activities happening on your property on your tablet or phone on a 24-hour basis. The camera allows you to customize the settings to focus on relevant stuff, privatize the audio and optimize the target privacy zones. 

You can quickly mount the camera to your favorite spot inside or outside your property whether a wall or flat surface.  Setting up this world-class solar-run camera is as easy. All it takes is to plug in the solar panel and have it connected to strong Wi-Fi internet. 

One feature you’ll love about this camera is its seamless compatibility with other ring devices. It can pair to virtually any Ring device, allowing for efficient monitoring of the target property. Ring stick up cam solar camera’s battery stores power long enough to keep the camera working even during days with a low supply of sunlight.

The camera is compatible with Fire TV, Alexa-run fire tablet, Amazon Alexa, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. With its adjustable infrared night vision motion detector, you can always receive on-demand videos streamed to your PC, phone or tablet. The all-weather solar panel and weatherproof DC connector charging cable can stand any weather be it heavy rains or scorching sun.

Installing the camera doesn’t requisite the hands of a professional as you can mount it yourself in less than 10 minutes. If you want superior protection with better features, including sharing and saving photos and videos, you can activate the Ring protect feature that allows you to record photos and videos for $10 a month per household or $3 a month per device.

With the one-year limited warranty, your finances are secured in case the camera reaches your end damaged or doesn’t perform to your expectations.


  • Excellent compatibility with Ring Alarm 
  • Superior video quality 
  • Superb motion detection 
  • Good voice control function 
  • Excellent theft protection 


  • A bit pricey 
  • Requires subscription for recording videos 

2.  Reolink Argus 2 Outdoor Security Camera Wireless System With Rechargeable Battery

Second in our top list of solar-powered HD cameras that rock the current market comes from the renowned security products manufacturer, ReoLink. It’s one of the best wire-free 2-Way Audio outdoor cameras powered by a solar rechargeable battery. Get clear and sharp images and videos streamed to your smartphone or saved in an SD card for later viewing, thanks to its 1080p Full HD feature.

The camera works independently once connected to strong Wi-Fi internet, so you won’t have to worry about wires cluttering your spacing. The unit also a built-in speaker and mic that gets you communicating effortlessly all day.

The powerful 5200mAh rechargeable solar batteries store enough power to keep the camera running all day and night. Charging the battery takes minutes thanks to the 5V21 DC phone power adapter and efficient Reolink solar panel.

The camera uploads and stores the recorded video and photo events to end-to-end encrypted Reolink cloud storage or SD card. It lets you playback and watch live the cloud videos recorded and uploaded within 7 days without pay. 

Reolink solar camera is compatible with a variety of other devices, including Fire TVs, Echo Spot, and Echo Show. Running on a 2-way audio-infused noise-canceling technology, the camera allows for undisturbed communication.

This camera has a durable IP65 certified weatherproof design that can stand extreme weather outdoors. Installation takes minutes and you wouldn’t need to hire a professional as the installation guidelines are clearly outlined.

ReoLink offers you a 30-days money-back guarantee and 2 years warranty, so they’re offering you real value for money.


  • Superb video quality 
  • Wire-free connection 
  • Durable construction for outdoors 
  • Long-lasting battery and all-weather solar panel 
  • SD compatibility for Wi-Fi free recording 


  • The zooming feature isn’t great
  • Downloading clips is a bit challenging 

3.  Reolink Argus PT w/ Solar Panel – Wireless Pan Tilt Solar Camera

Looking for a visually attractive and compact security camera that installs easily and feeds you with necessary data all day and night? Consider ReoLink Argus PT. This well-built and durable solar-powered camera suits small homes and offices alike. The camera can efficiently rotate for 355 degrees, giving you ultimate coverage while tilting for 140 degrees to offer an excellent vertical view of the target zone.

With this camera, you’re getting an all-weather and rugged camera design that can stand up to the extremes of dust storms and rain. You can mount the camera on a wall or upside down. The camera can deliver clear and sharp 1080p images and videos in dim settings. It charges through a long micro USB plug cable. 

Its solar panel is all-weather and comprises a well-constructed metal mount that can mount to virtually any surface. The onboard 6500mAH battery is incredibly great as it keeps the camera powered for days.

You’ll just love the simplicity involved in connecting the camera to the Reolink application. It’s as simple as scanning a QR code and placing the generated code close to the camera. One quality you’ll love about this camera is its ability to detect motion. You can adjust the camera’s sensitivity settings to detect movement of up to 52ft high, 33ft low, and 40ft medium.

To zone the areas you want to be monitored, just tilt and pan your camera such that the target areas get optimal exposure. The camera usually sends alerts and saves an image of the same once motion is detected. You can do lots more with this camera, including playing back videos, zooming images, tilting and panning shots, and talking via the camera. It’s one of the no-risk purchases you can make today, thanks to the 2-year unlimited warranty. Captured data can be saved on SD cards or cloud storage systems.


  • Cloud and SD storage 
  • Excellent field of view 
  • Superb two-way audio feature 
  • Extra-sensitive motion detection 
  • All-weather and durable construction


  • The battery life isn’t quite outstanding 
  • It may prove a hassle to download clips 

4.   ReoLink Outdoor Argus Eco+Solar Panel Camera

ReoLink Argus Eco is a 100% outdoor solar-powered camera. The camera has a rugged bullet-style construction along with a beautiful design. The unique design makes the camera versatile enough to be installed virtually everywhere outdoors, including the eave, exterior walls, and even fences. This camera runs on a high-capacity non-removable battery that pairs seamlessly with a solar panel for continual recharging.

It has a 100 degrees viewing angle that gives you enough coverage and finer details. The excellent PIR detection angle coupled with the high sensitivity PIR motion sensor do a great job of real-time capturing of human activities without raising false alarms.

ReoLink Argus Eco is engineered to deliver sound alarms, email alerts, and push notifications immediately a motion or activity is detected.

Durable and efficient enough, this IP camera saves its recorded content on an SD card. It can accommodate SD cards of up to 128GB. The camera is also cloud storage compatible. It comes with a free 7-week cloud storage package that lets you save around 1GB of content. If you would rather save the recorded videos and images online, you can subscribe to the standard 10GB cloud storage package that supports 5 cameras going for $35 per year and $3.49 per month. Bigger offices and homes can settle for the premier 50GB storage package that supports 10 cameras for $7 per month or $69 per year.  If you want more coverage and better scrutiny with more cameras, settle for the business 100 GB plan that supports 30 cameras at $10.49 per month or $104 per year.

Setting up the ReoLink Argus Eco camera is simply easy and fun. After you’ve downloaded and installed the ReoLink app on your smartphone, you’ll just need to turn on the camera and complete the process following the voice prompts.  You can mount it on any surface, including trees, wood surfaces, fences, well, and more. Your purchase of the ReoLink Argus camera is backed by a 2-year warranty.


  • Quite budget-friendly 
  • Excellent wireless connectivity
  • Easily chargeable by solar or electricity 
  • High capacity battery 


  • Doesn’t integrate with smartphone devices 
  • Doesn’t detect audio 

5.  IeGeek Wireless Solar Outdoor Security Camera

As a world leader in the creation of high-grade and innovative security systems, ieGeek has produced and sold dozens of premium IP camera models, the ieGeek wireless solar outdoor security camera being one of them. This camera connects seamlessly to a solar panel charging the built-in battery continuously.  IeGeek solar camera comprises an innovative PUR motion detector capable of detecting motion around ten minutes away and sending real-time updates to the connected device.

The camera records 1080p clear HD videos and covers a field of 130 degrees. With its 4 infrared LEDs, the camera can detect and record night activities ranging to approximately 20 meters. Its two 4dBi Wi-Fi antennas function efficiently in standard conditions and high temperatures of up to 140 degrees. 

The ieGeek wireless solar outdoor camera is IP65 waterproof rated, so it can stand the extremes of rainfall and other elements. With its onboard microphone and speaker, this camera allows users to enjoy smooth audio communication. Storage for the footage can be stored on the cloud or SD card. The camera accepts SD cards with a storage volume of up to 128GB maximum.

Installing this camera won’t take you more than ten minutes irrespective of whether you’re a pro or not. The simple design and quick mounting feature enable the camera to be easily mounted to the target spot.  IeGeek camera is uniquely designed to offer clear and quality full HD 1080p videos and pictures regardless of weather and season. 

With this camera, you can personalize the alarm interval and alarm plan to your liking, ensuring notifications are sent within a certain interval. You can as well adjust the motion detection sensitivity level. IeGeek offers the camera with a limited one-year warranty.


  • Waterproof and all-weather design 
  • Safe cloud and SD storage 
  • Efficient 30-degree wide angle of view 
  • Over 10 meters of PIR detection


  • The battery life is limited 
  • Its night detection strength is limited.

6.  Soliom S600 Pan Tilt Outdoor Security Camera

Get detail-rich image and video updates concurrently on your smartphone with Soliom S600 battery-powered solar camera. Adjust the camera to a 320 degrees horizontal view or 90 degrees vertical view to cover a large area within your premises. Its super-sensitive digital PIR sensor detects motion activities within the target zoning and sends accurate alerts to your device. Connect the camera to the Soliom app to get real-time push messages, video playback, and live view content. The captured videos and photos are stored in a Micro SD card for later access.

The camera features 2 infrared LEDs and 4 white LEDs, engineered to deliver sharp and clear night vision of approximately 32 feet. Its 1080p resolution ensures each section of the motions and activities is presented to you with a high level of clarity. One unique quality of the Soliom S600 camera is its extra high capacity battery of 9000mAh chargeable via USB cable. This camera supports SD cards with a storage capacity of up to 64GB. As for cloud storage, you’ve got the option of paying for Soliom’s cloud storage packaged priced at $1.99 per month and $16.99 per year.

The camera’s built-in speaker and microphone allow you to audio communicate with friends and visitors. Its superior PIR detector with an awesome trigger range of 18 feet guarantees better accuracy and fewer false positives. You can install the camera yourself in less than 10 minutes and have it working in less than an hour. With the 2-year full replacement warranty, your purchase is fully safeguarded.


  • Excellent 320-degree pan and 90-degree tilt 
  • High capacity 9000mAh battery 
  • It includes an integrated spotlight 
  • Superb video quality 
  • Incredible zooming capabilities


  • Lacks time scheduling settings 
  • Lacks zoning for blocking certain areas.

7.  Zumimall Solar Powered Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Zumimall solar outdoor surveillance camera is innovatively designed in line with the modern demands for full HD 1080p surveillance cameras that can stand the extremes while offering optimal protection to your property. It’s the most reliable IP camera on our list that runs on an incredibly powerful and high-capacity 10400mAh rechargeable battery. This camera tilts to a wide horizontal angle of 360-degree and a vertical angle of 130 degrees. 

Get this two-way audio camera with excellent PIR detection and mobile alert capabilities designed to be waterproof and durable. The camera stores captured data to AES 256-bit encryption cloud storage and app encrypted Micro SD card. Each camera is sharable by a variety of family members. 

The 3.7W solar panel charges the battery the soonest the sun shines. Setting up the camera is easy, as all you must do is install the CloudEdge App, put the camera on, scan the available QR code and then link it to Wi-Fi. Once you’ve set up the camera, you can then install it anywhere outdoors, be it the wall, trees, fence, or any other place. Setting up the camera takes not more than 10 minutes and doesn’t require any special skills.

The camera comprises a high-end 2.4G Wi-Fi connection, a feature that makes it super easy to user-friendly. With its custom-made work time and modifiable detection sensitivity, the camera works efficiently minimizing issues with false alarms that could be a bother. The camera’s optic lenses are super innovative and reliable and they always deliver crisp clear and impressive images. This high-end solar-powered camera comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • Deliver crisp clear and quality HD images 
  • Solidly designed to stand up to bad weather 
  • Easy and quick to install 
  • User friendly and efficient 
  • Has a powerful and lasting battery 


  • Does not come with a Micro-SD card
  • Quite challenging to retrieve data footage 

8.  Ctronics Pan Tilt Home PTZ Security 1080P Camera

In your search for good quality and affordable camera that can watch over your property in your absence, you’ll be wooed by the look and features of the Ctronics pan-tilt 1080p security camera. One quality you wouldn’t fail to notice when you buy this camera is the 14400mAh battery. This high-capacity rechargeable battery alongside the efficient solar panel provides non-stop power ensuring the camera can monitor your property continuously.

If you’re the kind that hates the idea of cable clutter, this wireless camera is designed to make everything easy for you. Installing the camera requires no special skills or tools and can be done within minutes. The setup is hassle-free provided you’ve downloaded and installed the Ctronics app on your smartphone. You can access and view everything happening on your property remotely through your phone anytime.

As with the two-way audio, it lets you communicate and listen to people. The camera can vertically tilt to 95 degrees and horizontally to 355 degrees. Its digital zooming lets you widen the size and quality of the videos and pictures received. This wireless camera comprises extra-sensitive radar detection and a PIR motion sensor, which enhances control while minimizing false alarms. It wakeups in less than 0.2 seconds once motion is detected and always sends real-time and precise alerts to the target devices.

Its 1080p combined with dual white LEDs and dual infrared LEDs deliver excellent visual performance, capturing extra smooth and clear videos. Backed by sophisticated night vision technology, the camera can detect motion in dark conditions of up to 40 feet long.  Its advanced Hisilicon central processor works amazingly to detect and record virtually all motions and activities. 


  • Easy to install and control 
  • Fantastic image quality 
  • Super build quality 
  • High capacity battery 
  • Superior image focus 


  • Poor zooming quality 
  • A bit costly for the value 

9.  Conico Outdoor Wireless Solar Security Camera

Ninth on our great list of the top ten solar-powered security cameras for homes and offices is Conico solar-powered camera. It’s the cheapest camera on our list, though it has features and qualities common with high-end solar-powered camera models. You can imagine a camera that runs on a battery with the highest capacity of 15000mAh selling at a price of $80.75. The panel offered with the camera is as well powerful and solidly designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions. 

The camera is created of high-quality and durable IP65 waterproof rated materials. It’s going to stand up to the stormy and rainy days while offering optimal surveillance to your property. The camera’s ability to intelligently detect motion and report instantly makes it one of the best spy solutions for homes and offices. You can control this camera from your iOS or Android smartphone provided you’ve installed the Conico app.

Conico camera’s 4 infrared LEDs coupled with the 1080p resolution deliver excellent night vision of approximately 15 meters. You can watch virtually everything even during the darkest moments of the night.  As for the App live viewing and two-way audio, they guarantee smooth communication and efficient monitoring of everything happening on your premises. 

The onboard speaker and microphone allow for smooth remote communication with friends and relatives. Download and install the CloudEdge app to your Android or iOS device to get started. Installing the camera in the most preferred location in your outdoor spacing shouldn’t take you long as it’s an easy exercise.


  • The camera works with both iOS and Android smartphones 
  • Comprises two Wi-Fi enhancing antennas 
  • Offers superior RIP motion detection 
  • Has excellent night vision 
  • Durably created and reliable 


  • The detection range is quite small 
  • It doesn’t work with other applications 

10.            YESKAMO Outdoor Free Wire Audio Surveillance System

The last outdoor solar-powered wire-free camera in our today’s post is the Yeskamo surveillance system. The camera includes four pieces of rechargeable lithium batteries with an excellent capacity of 15,000mAh. The batteries have an outstandingly long service life and when connected to the all-weather and highly efficient solar panel, the camera can serve you for years without going off.  It’s the camera for you if you hate the hassle of charging your camera batteries every so often.

The camera has IP65 water-resistance design coupled with strong and sealed skin, which makes it suitable for outdoor installations. The camera and solar panel are durable enough to stand virtually any unfavorable exposure. This camera connects to quality Wi-Fi to offer a smooth connection for viewing and recording motion and outdoor activities.

The camera as well offers real-time notifications and intelligent motion detection. The Yeskamo camera also includes dual antennas, designed to boost Wi-Fi signal to offer outstanding wireless connection stability.  With the noise cancellation microphone and speaker, the camera lets you communicate efficiently and without much hassle.

Get clear 1080p HD images and charming night vision with this camera, thanks to the advanced optic lens with outstanding 1920×1080 megapixels frames. It magnifies images up to four times, ensuring optimal clarity, ensuring you can view images even in the dark. The camera runs on a secure and user-friendly iOS and android app, which allows you to access the camera uploads remotely. Installing the camera is easy and would take not more than 10 minutes. Yeskamo offers the camera with a 1-year limited warranty.


  • User-friendly app 
  • Smooth night vision 
  • Durable construction 
  • Excellent motion detection features 


  • Doesn’t work with Windows PC 

Best Solar Security Camera: Buying Guide 

In buying a solar security camera, you must watch out for certain things. Get a glimpse of the features that every solar security camera buyer should consider below:

  1. Consider Cameras With More Working Hours 

Solar-powered cameras rely on battery juice to stay on and monitor your property. If not charged, most batteries will die within hours. You don’t want a situation where your camera will be of few hours after the sunsets. You would be better off choosing cameras with high-capacity batteries that can store power for up to 24 hours before they are exhausted. Consider batteries rated not low than 8000mAh.

  • Go For Durable And Weather Resistant Cameras 

Unless you’re buying a spy nanny camera, you must get a well-built and durable camera that can stand the falling debris, extreme wind, and heavy rains. Get a camera that’s rated waterproof and created of high-quality materials that can stand the impact of extreme weather. Most cameras we reviewed above are IP65 waterproof rated meaning they can stand up to virtually any abuse.

  • Consider Cameras That let You Save Data On SD Cards 

You want to store as much information as possible without having to pay extra. Camera with SD card slots provide for efficient storage with minimal hassle. Provided you’ve got the right SD card, you can be sure everything captured on the camera is properly stored for future reference.

If you want every single data captured to be stored, you would rather go for cameras with cloud storage. Most of the cameras we reviewed have cloud storage but you’ll have to pay extra to subscribe to the available plans.

  • Look For Vandal-Proof Cameras 

Different solar-powered cameras have different mounting systems. The best cameras comprise high-quality and vandal-proof mounts that protect the cameras against tempering. Avoid using simple and easy-to-remove mounting systems as they are quite simple to tamper with.  You must not only opt for vandal-proof camera mounts but also ensure you install the cameras such that they cannot be easily noticed.

  • Consider Cameras With Motion Detection 

The most fundamental aspect you cannot neglect when selecting a solar-powered camera is its motion detection capabilities. You want a super sensitive and intelligent camera that can easily and instantly detect movements. The camera should be designed such that it will sit idle when no motion is detected and immediately activate once a movement is detected.

  • Consider Getting Cameras With Starlight or Infrared Vision 

When we install security cameras, we want them to watch over our properties around the clock. We don’t expect the cameras to go into idle mode at night. The sad reality is that unless a camera has the features to detect and capture bright images at night, it will be worthless. The two main features that make cameras more efficient and reliable at night are the infrared and starlight vision features. These two features work tirelessly to light up the area where motion is detected to ensure clear images are captured immediately.

  • Choose Between Cellular Network And Wi-Fi Powered Cameras 

Modern security cameras run either on Wi-Fi or a cellular network. Most of the cellular-powered cameras run either on 4G or 5G internet.  As with cellular network options, they often require you subscribe to a particular package. Wi-Fi networks require no subscription, the reason they are highly preferred.

Either of the two will be perfect for you depending on personal preferences. They both offer email alerts, push notifications, and alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQS}

  1. How Does a Solar Powered Security Camera Work?

Solar security cameras work virtually the same way as other solar-powered gadgets. Sunlight energy is harnessed, converted into DC, and stored in batteries. The DC power is then converted into AC via an inverter, which is then used to charge the security cameras. In this case, most cameras have an inbuilt inverter that does the current conversion work, so you don’t have to secure an inverter yourself.

  • When Does a Solar Powered Security Camera Make Sense?

Solar-powered security cameras make sense in a variety of instances. Most of these instances are attributed to the camera’s eco-friendliness, ease of use and installation, and high convenience ratings. These cameras mostly make sense when you’re living in off-grid areas or places connected to electricity that face frequent outages. The cameras as well make sense when you’re looking for a more efficient and reliable security camera that won’t require frequent charging.

  • When Does a Regular Security System Make More Sense?

A regular security system will make more sense when you’re looking for more features and better functionality without having to heftily for the same.

  • What’re the Ideal Locations to Place Solar Outdoor Security Cameras?

Solar outdoor security cameras should be installed in the most strategic places where they can track and monitor all the activities in the house. You can install them anywhere of your choice, including the garage, front doors, side doors, windows, and more.

  • How Can I Choose The Best Solar Powered Camera?

There is no specific formula for selecting the best solar camera. Just follow your instincts but don’t neglect the quality, features, and reliability of the preferred camera.

  • How far can a wireless security camera transmit?

Most wireless security cameras have a transmission power spanning from 250 to approximately 500 feet in open spaces. The most efficient indoor wireless cameras have a transmission power of around 100 to 165 feet.

  • How do I extend my WiFi range for my security camera?

There is a range of highly efficient and effective devices that can be used to extend the Wi-Fi range of a security camera. They include but are not limited to Wi-Fi bridges, Wi-Fi repeaters, Wi-Fi receivers, and dedicated WIFI Camera NVR.

  • Are solar security cameras powerful like electric-powered models?

Yes, most solar-powered cameras are as powerful as their electric-powered counterparts. However, we can’t truly tell the power of a camera by what’s powers it rather the quality of the camera model and the reliability of the brand.


If you just erected a property and haven’t connected to an electricity grid or would rather invest in solar energy, the solar-powered security cameras we reviewed above would be a sure bet for you. They are packaged for efficiency and durability and always stand out in perform performance. Grab one or several pieces of these cameras and get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the assurance of safety to your costly possessions and property.

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