Are you living in Los Angeles and looking for a way to reduce or eliminate your exorbitant utility bill? Combining solar panels with other clean energy sources might be your best bet. 

A solar panel system installed on a residential building can provide the total electricity needs of that building. Emission by a solar panel is 80% lower when compared with carbon emissions by fossil fuel sources in the Los Angeles area.

If you work with the best solar companies in Los Angeles, the chances that you will run out of power is slim. This is because sunlight in Los Angeles averages 12 hours and 10 minutes a day with about 4,015 hours of sunshine per year. 

In 2020 alone, 29,440 GWh of energy which is 15.42% of California’s in-state generation was produced by solar thermal and solar PV power plants. 

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Realtors in the Los Angeles area report that houses with solar are easier to sell at higher prices than their counterparts. Studies by Berkeley National Lab affirm that solar panels add value to homes.

One way of finding solar installers in Los Angeles is by searching for “solar providers near me” on Google. However, the result can be confusing. We filtered it to make your selection process easier. Keep reading to see the best Southern California solar companies. 

Solar installations in Los Angeles 

Installation of solar power harnessing devices has been on the increase in Los Angeles over the past years. This is due to certain favorable factors such as the declining cost of solar panel installation, community support, and high insolation. 

Also, Renewable Portfolio Standard requires 33% of California’s electricity to come from clean energy by 2021 and 60% by 2023.   

The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) in 2019 alone recorded 153.8 MW of installed solar capacity in LA, raising it to a total of 750 MW (20% of all electricity produced in LA). Los Angeles was rated the highest solar power generating city for the third year in 2015. 

LA’s Green New Deal has mapped out energy goals aimed to increase solar generation in LA from 900 to 1,500 MW by 2025, 1,500 to 1,800 MW by 2035, and 1,950 MW by 2050. The sharpest increase in solar installations in LA occurred between the mid-2010s and 2013.

The City of Los Angeles Department of Water and Power introduced an initiative on January 11, 2013. This program was designed to pay 17 cents/kWh for electricity up to 100 MW of solar power generated in a feed-in traffic program. 

List of 9 best solar companies in the city of Los Angeles

There are many solar companies in Los Angeles offering unique services.

The city of Los Angeles records at least 185 solar energy companies in operation. This includes manufacturers, installers, and other solar power-related service companies. We compiled this list with regards to companies whose office or headquarters is located in LA.

Many factors were considered before putting this list together including some positive reviews by satisfied customers, cost of installation, and size of the company. All our selections appear on this list by merit after thorough research.

1. Green NRG Solar

Address: 7950 Dublin Blvd, Dublin, CA

Telephone: 888-589-4006

Green NRG Solar is a privately-owned solar contractor company based in California. They are the official dealers for SunPower and SolarWorld—two of the largest producers of American-made solar panels. They have affiliate partnerships with some popular solar panel manufacturers such as Canadian Solar, Sharp, AloeSolar, and Bosch. 

They take their solar installation in Los Angeles seriously by assigning a group of experts to each new solar jobs. Clients are always informed about available tax credits and rebates in their location and consultations are free. In its 11 years of service, Green NRG Solar has installed over 2,000 residential rooftop solar energy systems in America. Yaar Kimhi remains the president of the company since its founding in 2008.

2. Sunworks 

Address: 1030 Winding Creek Road, Roseville, CA

Telephone: 866-600-6800

Sunworks is publicly traded on NASDAQ and serves clients in California, Oregon, and Nevada. In 2014 its parent company was bought by Solar 3D which moved its corporate headquarters to Roseville after changing its brand name to Sunworks. James Nelson its CEO from 2010 to 2017 was succeeded by Charles Cargile.

Since its inception into the photovoltaic business, Sunworks has partaken in over 3,500 solar installations. They cover the energy needs of various sectors, including agriculture, commerce, government, and residents. Besides solar installation in Los Angeles, Sunworks handle a variety of solar energy-related assignments for its clients including maintenance, monitoring, grid connection, design, site evaluation, permitting, procurement, engineering, and installation. On the downside, a watt of electricity costs $4.3, far higher than the national average of $3.

3. Complete Solar

Address: 15325 Fairfield Ranch Rd, Chino Hills, CA

Telephone: 877-299-4943

In 2016, Complete Solar adopted a radical new business model. It went into partnership with over 50 emerging companies which it uses as its subcontractors. In 2010, the company was founded by two brothers, Dave and Will Anderson, presently serving as its CEO and CMO. Its headquarters is located in San Ramon in the southeast Bay Area.

Complete Solar doubled its revenue in its first year as a partner-centered establishment. They act as a facilitator by connecting independent solar contractors with prospective clients seeking solar installation in Los Angeles. They offer solar solutions through a large network of partner companies specialized in post-installation maintenance, monitoring, system design, roofing repair, and installation. Some of their most innovative features are solar loans and giving clients access to low rates through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

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4. Momentum Solar

Address: 1931 Olney Avenue, Cherry Hill, NJ

Telephone: 888-666-3688

Momentum Solar is an engineering, procurement, and construction solar energy design and installation company with offices in seven states. It was founded by a solar expert, Cameron Christensen, in 2009 who is still currently serving as its president. Momentum solar has about 1,200 employees on its payroll and over 3,000 installations across America.

Turnkey solar solution is mostly what this company specializes in. This simply means they don’t source for experts outside; everything concerning a project job is managed in-house from installation to post-installation maintenance. The company was listed at spot 58 on the 2018 INC 5000 fastest-growing emerging companies list. It was named by Solar Power World in 2018 among the Top 50 Solar Contractors.

5. SolarMax

Address: 8825 Production Avenue, San Diego, CA

Telephone: 866-285-2388

If you employ the services of SolarMax, you will be getting power at $3.55 per watt. This company was launched in 2008 by David Hsu, Simon Yuan, and Ching Liu. David is its current CEO while Ching is its Executive Vice President. It has its headquarters in Riverside, CA. It has made major impacts in both domestic and foreign solar energy ecosystems using its products and services.

SolarMax has installed solar panels in over 10,000 residential apartments and has engaged in close to 200 large-scale solar arrays in Southern California since 2008. They also provide LED lighting solutions to public areas and establishments. SolarMax has a significant footprint in China. It has installed approximately 250 megawatts of solar capacity there, making it the leading U.S.-based company offering such service.     

6. Sullivan Solar Power

Address: 2111 Iowa Avenue, Riverside, CA

Telephone: 858-271-7758

In San Diego County, Sullivan Solar Power is the most successful solar energy company. It operates throughout Southern California but is primarily based in San Diego, Riverside, and Orange Counties. It has performed solar installation projects for many municipalities, organizations, and colleges including the San Diego Padres baseball team. Its office was opened for business in 2004 by Daniel Sullivan, its current CEO.

It is a C-10 licensed contractor and all its project developers are certified by NABCEP (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners). They provide Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or solar leasing options for clients who prefer it to solar loans. Since 2004, it has made over 8000 solar power systems installations and a collective capacity of over 56,000 kilowatts. Arguably, it is one of the leading solar installers in Los Angeles.

7. SunPower

Address: 1414 Harbor Way South, Richmond, CA

Telephone: 800-786-7693

SunPower is based in the U.S. but remains a global player when it comes to solar energy projects. Its brand has become synonymous with superior solar technology because it manufactures photovoltaic solar panels for commercial, community, residential, public, and utility-scale projects. At SunPower, a watt of electricity costs $4.61.

SunPower’s worldwide revenue was approximately $1.73 billion in the 2018 fiscal year. It produces complete solar energy systems for homeowners, mobile solar panels for small-scale users, and battery storage solutions for businesses. Its total solar energy capacity is over 18 million megawatts from six continents. With seamless vertical integration and relentless technology, they have transformed the solar industry.

8. Vivint

Address: 1060 National Drive, Sacramento, CA

Telephone: 877-404-4129

Vivint Solar has a wide range of options available to residents seeking to go solar. It was incorporated in 2011 and as of January 1, 2019, it has equipped more than 154,600 homes with solar panels with a cumulative energy capacity of over one gigawatt. It went into partnership with Mercedes-Benz to supply home battery storage and ChargePoint for electric vehicle charging systems. 

Vivint Solar is led by David Bywater, its Director, President, and CEO. It is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and boasts over 2,500 employees. A watt of electricity sells for about $4.51 which is a bit on the high side. In 2018, it opened its door for business in the Chicago area. Vivint products and services cater to about 60 percent of America’s population.

9. PetersenDean

Address: 1705 Enterprise Drive, Fairfield, CA

Telephone: 877-552-4418

PetersenDean constructs and installs solar energy systems with roof remodeling services available as well for commercial and residential buildings of various architecture. They are the largest privately-held solar power service company in U.S. PetersenDean was founded in 1984 by two entrepreneurs from San Jose, California—James Petersen and Joe Dean—who were into roof construction and repairs until 2006 when they branched into solar energy.

They have installed more than 10,000 solar systems in residential buildings since they started. When they started initialing, they bought solar equipment from China but now buy from manufacturers in the U.S.A alone. Annually, PetersenDean engages in commercial and residential solar installation projects worth approximately $250 million. They plan to double this figure after carrying out their rapid expansion plans.  

Positive Impact of Choosing Solar Energy in Los Angeles California         

The recent heatwaves across some American states are a good indication of climate change which is grossly enhanced by the use of fossil fuel. Transitioning from fossil fuel to renewable energy might pose challenges but it is the only path to securing the future. With that in mind, the state of California is investing heavily in enormous solar projects.

With the emergence of solar farms across California, power plants such as Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor and other gas generators will be retiring in a few years from now. The California grid operator estimates that additional 2,000 megawatts are required to overcome the risk of a power outage during winter. California is taking the lead and we hope the rest of the country will follow.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does installing solar cost in Los Angeles?

Many factors dictate the cost of installing solar systems in Los Angeles. Factors such as the size of the panel needed location, the shape of your roof, and the type of system will affect the overall cost.

  • Will solar power save me money?

Acquiring a solar system will save you money in the long run. It is a long-term investment where you spend a large amount of money now to save more money in the future. The saving is more when you work with the best solar companies in Los Angeles.

  • Does solar work in winter?

Solar works in winter although weather exposure, time of the year, and cloud cover might adversely affect its total output when compared to summertime.  


Without a doubt, living in Los Angeles city and installing a solar panel is worth it. By choosing to install a solar system, you can enjoy reduced electricity costs, clean renewable energy with less risk and fire hazard, and increased property value. Solar is becoming cheaper because the technology has become more accessible than in the past which attracts a reduction in the cost of maintenance. If you a ready to make a switch to solar power, contact one of the best solar companies in Los Angeles we listed to make it happen. 

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