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Having a residential solar system installed by one of the top-rated, best solar companies in Palm Springs is more affordable than in many Californian cities and counties. This is because the market average price for installing a solar system of a 5 kW capacity is $13,350.

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Source: EnergySage

The lower market average cost has got to do with the competitive solar market in the city. Solar has seen widespread adoption in Palm Springs and the city is now one of the top-rated places for solar power per capita.

Best solar companies in Palm Springs

Palm Springs comes on par with other top Californian cities for the largest residential solar installations. And it goes without saying that there is no shortage of local as well as non-local solar installation companies in the city.

Here are the five best solar companies in Palm Springs that have good online ratings and offer competitive quotes and warranties:

1. Solar Optimum 

Address: 77711 Flora Road, Suite 329, Palm Desert, CA 92211

Telephone: (800) 552-9970

Solar Optimum is one of the most credible solar installation companies in Palm Springs. The company has garnered top ratings on online marketplaces and has won the Panasonic National Installer of the Year award in 2020. The company has a large network operation and therefore is able to offer a competitive cost-per-watt rate of $3.53/W in the city.

The company’s service is limited to solar panels and solar battery installation in Palm Springs. Also, the company offers up to 25 years of warranty on the solar system and up to 10 years of warranty on the battery system. Customers get the option to choose between cash and loan payments from the company.

2. NRG Clean Power 

Address: 7012 Owensmouth Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91303

Telephone: (800) 698 6627

NRG Clean Power is another large-scale solar company that offers solar installation services in Palm Springs. Although the company isn’t locally headquartered in the city, it gains a competitive edge over other local installers by offering as low as $2.75 of cost-per-watt rate.

NRG Clean Power also offers up to 30 years of warranty on the solar system, battery system, roofing, and labor which makes it one of the best solar installers in Palm Springs for reliability. Full cash payment, lease, and loan are the purchase options that the company offers.

3. Renova Energy

Address: 75-181 Mediterranean Ave. Palm Desert, CA, 92260

Telephone: 760-278-7996

Renova Energy is one of the best solar installers in Palm Desert, CA in terms of accessibility as it is locally headquartered in the city. The company offers SunPower solar panel installations with a mid-tier cost-per-watt rate of $4.50/W.

Renova Energy also specializes in solar power storage as it is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer. The company offers customers full cash purchase as well as loan purchase options. With the company, warranties for the solar system and the battery system go longer than 20 years.

4. Sunrun

Address: 2010 Crow Canyon Place, San Ramon, CA 

Telephone: (888) 324-5886 

Sunrun is one of the best solar companies in Palm Springs and other Californian cities in terms of popularity. The solar company has one of the largest operations in the US and is able to offer a competitive cost-per-watt rate of $3.92/W in Palm Springs.

Similar to other large-scale solar installers, Sunrun specializes in solar panel installation as well as battery systems. The company offers all types of purchase options, including loans, leases, and full cash payments. The company’s solar system warranty can go as high as 25+ years while the battery system warranty can be limited to 10 to 15 years.

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5. Hot Purple Energy 

Address: 810 N. Farrell Dr. Palm Springs CA 92262

Telephone: (760) 776-3737

Hot Purple Energy is locally headquartered in Palm Springs and is, therefore, one of the most accessible solar installers in the city. The solar company has served Palm Springs and the surrounding regions over the years with residential as well as commercial solar system installation services.

The company offers a considerably competitive cost-per-watt rate that averages around $4.20/W. Customers also get the benefit of 20+ years of warranty on the solar system, battery system, labor, and roofing. Also, Hot Purple Energy offers the option for choosing between full cash payment, lease, or loan.


1. Is solar affordable in Palm Springs? 

Yes, residential solar installation is affordable in Palm Spring in comparison to several other Californian cities and counties. The market average cost for installing a solar system of a 5 kW capacity is $13,350 which is comparatively less than in other prime cities. 

2. Is there a California tax credit for solar?

Yes, the Federal solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is applicable across all the cities and counties in California. Other solar incentives available in California include Single-family Affordable Solar Housing (SASH), Solar Energy System Property Tax Exclusion, and Self-generation Incentive Program (SGIP). 

3. Which companies offer solar incentives integration? 

Some of the best solar companies in Palm Springs are the ones that help customers seamlessly get the benefit of solar ITC and other local solar rebates and state-wise solar incentives.  

4. Who qualifies for the solar tax credit?

Every legal resident of Palm Springs and other cities is eligible for solar ITC. However, it’s important to follow all the instructions, such as having a legal and eligible property, having a home on an eligible premise, and installation of just a single residential solar system on the property. 

Solar panels in Palm Springs: cost

Palm Springs has one of the most affordable solar system installation rates compared to several cities in California and other states. For a 6kW solar system, the cost averages at around $16,020 which is lesser than in several other areas, especially prime locations.

Here’s a chart showing average installation costs of systems of various kW capacities before solar ITC and other incentives and rebates: 

Source: EnergySage

Over to you

One of the best ways to get the best benefit and the highest returns from your solar installation in Palm Springs is to go for battery power storage. By storing solar power, you can have backup power during grid power failures.

Most importantly, you can avoid using grid power during peak hours which, in turn, helps you lower your monthly utility bills. This post has got you covered with everything you need to know about battery solar power storage. 

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