Solar power is no doubt the most accessible energy source in California—which is home to some of the best solar companies in the country. The city of California ranks first in about every solar data point.

California has enough solar installed to supply electricity to over 8,548,370 homes. It has invested up to $73.7 billion in solar-related projects since the year 2010. 

California employs about 30% of America’s solar engineer jobs. It possesses 40% of the country’s solar energy capacity with over 1 million solar installations. The top solar companies in California choose the Golden State because it has great sunshine and numerous solar power enthusiasts.

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The best solar companies in Southern California charge an average of about $3.10 per watt of electricity due to the state’s high labor wages and sales tax. At that cost, a 6,000 watts installation costs approximately $18,600 which can either increase or decrease based on quality, installation size, and roof complexity.

A 6,000 watts installation in California can save you about $41,000 over the life of the installation if you choose the best solar companies in California. Based on shopper’s preferences and ranking, we compiled a list of the best solar companies in California.  

Solar installations in California 

10 best solar companies in the State of California

Using the ratings ranging from 4.0 to 5.0 we were able to compile a unique list of solar companies in California. Happy customers wouldn’t stop gushing over the succinct services of these companies and how responsive their customer care is. 

Unlike many solar companies we came across during our research, these companies offer modular pricing and the best solar deals in California. This means you can select the features and upgrades you need, putting you in charge of the price.

1. Zenernet 

Address: 1766 1ST Ave. Walnut Creek, CA

Telephone: 866-401-0523

With an overall rating of 4.9, Zenernet came out top in our list of top-rated solar companies in Northern California. Satisfied customers praised them for their impeccable service delivery and customer care. The name Zenernet is a combination of Zen (a Chinese word for bliss and calm) and Enernet which means clean energy generation, delivery, and storage.

Zenernet is in partnership with other solar companies like LG Solar and Solar Edge. Before any installation is made, new customers work with in-house designers to discuss roof size, location, solar array based on energy usage, and other important factors. They offer modular pricing and flat rate and also offer financing options.

Their systems come with a 35-year warranty which is the longest you can find among a list of the best solar companies in California. This warranty covers damages caused by installers, material defects, and general system components.

2. SunPower

Address: 51 Rio Robles, San Jose, CA

Telephone: 408-240-5500

SunPower recorded an overall customer satisfaction of 4.4 out of 5, they received a good number of positive reviews. At SunPower, the median cost of a watt of electricity is between $3.20 and $4.50, contact a customer care representative to confirm the accurate price that applies to your locality. 

Using the EnergyLink app, you can monitor the general operations of the system after it has been installed. It is a free app that is 100% compatible with both Android and Apple devices. SunPower guarantees its customers that with its solar systems, not more than 8% of its original power output will be lost even after 25 years of use.

SunPower also offers multiple purchase options and financial programs targeted at individuals with limited finances. Their Equinox home solar system is a product that was engineered to look attractive, durable, reliable, and efficient. It generates power with built-in microinverters, eradicating the need for needless hardware in your home.   

3. SunLux Energy

Address: 10860 6th St. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Telephone: 877-467-6712

SunLux Energy is among the best solar companies in Southern California. It earned an overall customer satisfaction rating of 4.8. It is in partnership with a few independent networks of solar companies and retailers in California. The company’s customer service and project managers are the reason behind the high ratings and positive reviews it received across boards. 

Although based in Rancho Cucamonga, California, SunLux Energy also has an office in Texas and serves residents of Bakersfield, San Diego, Valencia, Los Angeles, and Irvine. 

With help from customer care representatives, new customers get an opportunity to choose which system suits them most. SunLux Energy is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer with many years of experience and a large customer base.

All products at SunLux Energy come with a 25-year equipment guarantee regardless of the brand purchased. For any fault or defect that might emanate after installation, the company files a claim to its manufacturing partners on your behalf.

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

4. Tesla Energy

Address: 21040 Nordhoff St, Chatsworth, CA

Telephone: 855-860-7652

Tesla solar systems are top-rated which is why they sell between $6,068 and $24,272 (including incentives). All solar panels come with 25-year panel performance and a 10-year comprehensive warranty. Customers are consistently excited about Tesla’s solar system design and sleek installation process.

According to online reviews, we learned that the system takes less than a month to install after completing the necessary paperwork. Meanwhile, their customer service and leasing terms got a 1-star review from some customers who weren’t pleased with them. 

Tesla Energy’s leasing plan called the solar subscription program is another way to purchase the system. If you can’t pay upfront, you can pay a prearranged fee to purchase the system.

Tesla Energy also produces a Powerwall backup battery which is a compact home battery designed to reduce dependence on grid electricity. It has a capacity of up to 14 kWh of energy. You can also download the Tesla app and control your system with it.

5. Sungevity

Address: 66 Franklin St #310, Oakland, CA

Telephone: 866-SUN-4ALL

Sungevity is a unique solar company that appears among the best solar companies in Northern California. It delivers solar energy solutions to California resident’s homes and business establishments. The company has an overall rating of 4.1 according to ConsumerAffairs. Sungevity offers fast installation and flexible payment plans.

Solar loan terms can only be approved by a third-party lender because Sungevity is not a direct lender. You don’t need a security deposit to sign leasing terms which start at $65 to $155 per month for a 6.5-kilowatt system. Outside California, Sungevity is also available in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Colorado, and Connecticut.   

Sungevity also installs an infrastructure-free solution called SOURCE Hydropanel for purifying drinking water which is 100% solar-powered. This device absorbs water from thin air using advanced hygroscopic materials.

The amount of water produced by the SOURCE Hydropanel device grossly depends on local humidity levels. There is much more that Sungevity has to offer. You can contact their customer care representative to know more.

6. Solar Optimum

Address: 614 West Colorado, St.Glendale, CA

Telephone: 800-552-9970         

Solar Optimum is highly ranked amongst the best solar companies in California with over 10,000 installations. They have won numerous awards for their impeccable services from LA Daily News and Association of California solar installers, just to name a few.

Solar optimum has been in business since 2008 which is more than a decade. All their installations come with a 25-year equipment warranty and a 25-year workmanship warranty. 

They are certified to install premium solar products such as Tesla Powerwalls, ultra-efficient Panasonic solar panels, and Enphase microinverters. Solar Optimum is known for excellent customer service experience, excellent solar installers, and superior equipment.      

7. Baker Electric Solar

Address: 2120 Harmony Grove Road, Escondido, CA

Telephone: 760-683-0985

Baker Electric Solar was founded in 1938 as an electrical contractor company. It is rated amongst the best solar companies in Southern California and only a few solar installation companies in California can beat Baker Electric. They have installed over 12,000 solar systems on residential buildings across America.

Experience-wise, Baker Electric ranks amongst the top 3 in California. In 2015 they hit a milestone of 1 gigawatt total solar install capacity—enough power to light up 160,000 homes. They also work on large-scale commercial solar installation projects like solar farms.

With 70 years of industry existence and thousands of installations, it is evident that Baker Electric is a company that knows what it is doing. The positive customer reviews they get across multiple platforms are there to cement the fact that they stand tall amongst the best solar companies in California.

8. PetersenDean

Address: 1705 Enterprise Drive, Fairfield, CA

Telephone: 877-552-4418

When you have multiple housing projects in need of urgent solar installations, PetersenDean offers the best solar deals in California. This company was founded in 1984 and is currently top-rated with over 10,000 installations under its belt. 

PetersenDean doesn’t only install solar systems, they are also into roofing, replacing HVAC systems, and fixing fences. They are just too many options to select from when you choose PetersenDean for your solar installations.

From online reviews and word of mouth, homeowners can’t stop talking about PetersenDean’s top-notch customer service. In California, PetersenDean is one of the largest solar companies with operations in Texas, Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, and Arizona.

9. LA Solar Group

Address: 16238 Raymer Street, Van Nuys, CA

Telephone: 855-552-7652

LA Solar Group is a privately owned company that offers a variety of solar services and products to residents and companies in California. It is a top solar company in California with the best solar installers you can find in America. 

The company was founded by Ara Petrosyan who spent over a decade working as a solar technician and engineer in the solar industry before launching LA Solar. It opened its doors for business in 2012. With over 8 years in operation, it has served approximately 100 commercial customers and 8,000 residents. 

The company makes 70% of its sales online through its website while the other 30% comes from referrals and direct solar marketing. They also serve as retailers for other solar panel dealers to give their clients a wide variety of options to choose from. 

They retail for big California brands like Panasonic and SunPower and also install products manufactured by companies like S-Energy, Enphase, and LG. LA Solar has certified installers of the Tesla Powerwall 2 energy storage system.

LA Solar Group also deals with building-integrated solar products (solar shingles), Smart Home energy management systems, electrical main panels, and EV charging outlets. The company has 14 offices in seven states across America although California houses its headquarters.

10. ASI Hastings Heating and Air

Address: 4870 Viewridge Avenue, San Diego, CA

Telephone: 800-481-2665

ASI Hastings Heating and Air solar company have its corporate headquarters in San Diego County California. They offer a variety of services which include thermal water heater installation, solar energy installations, insulation, air sealing, and HVAC.

The company is presently owned by Ken and Phil Justo after they purchased it from its original owners in 1982. ASI Hastings has grown into a full-service solar installation company in California. They design, develop, mount, connect and observe the operation of its numerous solar projects.

They handle all permitting and necessary paperwork themselves which is a relief to their clients. They don’t have an exclusive relationship with inverter and panel manufacturers but offer customers a variety of products based on their preferences and budget.

ASI Hastings has won the Better Business Bureau Torch Award eight times in a row. It has also been ranked the best HVAC and solar contractor by the San Diego Union Tribunal.

The Truth Behind Solar Panels and Roof Damage in California 

One of the biggest misconceptions about solar panel installation among homeowners is the safety of their roofs. However, we can confidently tell you that you don’t have to worry about your roof’s safety as long as you patronize one amongst the list of best solar companies in California.

The installation process is not as brutal as it seems with a service professional handling it. The weight of the solar panel wouldn’t be a heavy burden upon the roof because the weight would be evenly distributed. 

There are conflicting information on the Internet when it comes to solar installation. Thus, it is always best to work directly with the best solar companies in California to have an initial consultation phase where they examine the integrity of your roof and its load-carrying capacity. All these help to prevent roof damage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it a wise option to go solar in California?

Going solar in California is a wise option because the state receives a decent amount of sunlight and is home to some of the best solar companies in America. The best solar panels have a lifespan of 40 to 50 years which can save you a lot of money in the long run.

  •  Is my house a good choice for solar?

The size of your roof and the location of your house determines if it is a good candidate for a solar installation. A solar panel is roughly 3.5 feet wide and 5.5 feet tall. So, you can use this data to determine if your roof is wide enough to accommodate the number of solar panels that you need.   

  • Which solar companies in California have the most positive reviews?

Based on shopper’s preferences, review ratings, customer feedback, and total reviews – Zenernet and SunPower are the highest-rated solar companies in California.


Today, solar installations are cheaper than they used to be. Once you consider certain factors like solar incentives, roof worthiness, availability of funds, and required energy needs then you can make a choice either to go solar or remain on the grid.

It is smart to compare solar companies starting from our above-mentioned list of solar companies in California to help you benefit from the best available deals in the market.

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