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Californians pay higher utility bills than the national average. While this is no recent news, the increase in utility prices in the state has shown no signs of stopping over the past couple of years. 

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2020 saw energy bills get further pricer in Sacramento and the rest of the state as more Californians stayed at home and worked remotely. 

While it’s difficult to cut down on energy usage, you definitely can avoid fixed utility bills by going solar and making the most out of the state’s Net Energy Metering solar program. 

This guide can be a great starting point for you if you want to see what solar installation options are available to you, and how the pricing and services of local solar installers in Sacramento compare against each other.

Best solar companies in Sacramento: costs

Considering the fact that California is the top solar state in the US in terms of the cumulative solar power generation capacity installed, prices for residential solar systems have fallen over the years. 

Here’s a breakdown of the average costs for solar systems in Sacramento, capacity-wise: 

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Solar companies in Sacramento: local installers 

Local solar companies in Sacramento are a great option if you want to go for localized rates, both for solar system purchase or lease. The best part about local solar installers is they are easily accessible and can make the permits processes with local utilities more seamless. 

Here are four local solar installers in Sacramento that are the go-to options for local residents: 

1. ILUM Solar  

Address: 4135 Northgate Blvd Ste 9, Sacramento, California

Telephone: (888) 696-4586 

ILUM Solar is one of the best solar companies in Sacramento as it serves the entire Sacramento county. The solar company offers competitive local cost-per-watt rates which can go as low as $1.89/W. Despite offering competitive localized rates, the company shares association with LG, Sun power, and Sonnen. 

ILUM Solar offers up to 25 years of warranty on all solar system components. The company is certified with a C-46 solar contractor license in California. Customers can choose from cash or loan payment options with the company. 

2. Semper Solaris 

Address: 1430 Auburn Blvd, Sacramento, California

Telephone: (916) 299-7400

Semper Solaris is another leading solar company in Sacramento that offers solar system installation, solar energy storage services, and minor roof repairs. The solar installer’s cost-per-watt rate averages at $4.15/W. 

Semper Solaris offers competitive warranties in Sacramento and all across California as their solar roofing, solar system, and battery system are covered under 25 years of warranty. The company also offers a wide range of payment options, including cash, loans, PPA, and lease. 

3. Mega Power 

Address: 836 57th St, Sacramento, California (local office)

Telephone: 800 528-0655

Mega Power is a full-service local solar installer in Sacramento. It offers customers the flexibility to choose a $0 down financing option which makes it one of the best solar installers in Sacramento and other surrounding regions. Also, the cost-per-watt rates of the company can get as competitive as $3.70/W. 

The company not only offers solar roofing and solar panels in Sacramento but also includes other services in its catalog, including energy auditing, energy efficiency reporting, solar components maintenance and repairs, and permits. With the company, customers get up to 25 years of warranty on solar components and labor. 

4. Solectric 

Address: 1355 Halyard Dr Ste 120 West Sacramento, California

Telephone: (916) 318-6271 

Solectric is one of the large-scale Sacramento solar installers as it offers various types of services, including solar panel installation, solar roofing, and solar EV charging systems. Similar to Mega Power, the company offers $0 down payment options for leases along with the option for full cash payment for the system purchase. 

Solectric also offers competitive cost-per-watt rates that range between $3.50/W to $4.70/W. The company offers full support for California solar incentives, other solar incentives, and military discounts. 

Sacramento solar installers: large-scale installers 

While local solar installers in Sacramento do offer competitive localized rates, large-scale installers that operate not just in California but also in other states bring with them a high level of technical and infrastructural advantage. 

Large-scale and large-network solar companies offer attractive leasing as well as purchase options for high-quality solar batteries, solar inverters, and solar panels in Sacramento. They also offer competitive warranties.  

Here are three large-scale solar companies that dedicatedly operate in Sacramento: 

1. Sunrun 

Address: 1360 N McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, California 

Telephone: (916) 547-5250 

It is safe to say that Sunrun is one of the largest residential solar energy companies in the United States. And since the company is headquartered in San Francisco, it dedicatedly serves Sacramento with a cost-per-watt rate that averages at $3.92/W. 

Sunrun offers customers the option to choose between full purchase and lease. The company makes integration with the net energy metering program of the Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) a seamless process. Sunrun also offers regular solar system monitoring which makes it one of the technically-competitive solar installers in Sacramento.  

2. West Coast Solar

Address: 2155 Elkins Way, Brentwood, California

Telephone: (888) 381-9543

West Coast Solar is another large-scale/network solar company in California that serves the Sacramento area. The company offers full purchase cash payment options along with lease options. 

With a cost-per-watt rate of $4.06 and 25 years of warranty on solar system, solar roofing, and solar battery, West Coast Solar comes as a value-for-money solar installer in Sacramento. Apart from offering solar panel installation and minor roof repairs, the company also offers solar power storage solutions. 

3. Tesla Solar (Supplier)

Address: 3800 Watt Ave, Sacramento, California

Telephone: +1 916-571-0527

Tesla energy is undoubtedly one of the most technically-advanced solar companies in the US. Similar to other regions in California, Tesla solar has a dedicated supplier in Sacramento. The Tesla Solar supplier exclusively offers installation services for Tesla solar panels and Tesla Powerwall batteries. 

With Tesla solar panels, customers get up to 25 years of performance warranty and up to 10 years of comprehensive warranty for Powerwall, mounting brackets, and solar inverter. The cost-per-watt rate of Tesla solar panels averages at around $2.01/W before incentives which makes the company a leading solar installer in Sacramento for affordability. 


1. Is it worth going solar in California?

Yes, investing in a solar system can give you good returns over the years. This mostly has got to do with the fact that California has one of the highest utility prices. The state also has some of the most attractive incentives, including the California net metering program and federal tax credit. Lastly, California also receives plenty of sunshine during the summer months. Sacramento, in particular, receives close to 269 days of sunshine throughout the year. 

2. What is the best solar program in California?

Some of the best solar incentive programs in California include California net metering program, federal investment tax credit, local solar rebates, and disadvantaged communities-Single family solar homes. 

3. Do you really save money with solar panels?

If used in the right way, yes. Solar systems can help you save money especially in California as the utility bills are the highest in the state. The key is to combine a solar system with a Solar power storage system. By storing solar power generated during the day, you can avoid using utility power during peak hours that entail high charges. 

4. Do solar panels work forever?

No, solar panels do not work forever. Most solar panels have a lifespan of about 25 to 30 years. In most cases, solar panels slowly and gradually deteriorate due to weather conditions such as moisture in the air, rainwater, and chemical fumes/particles present in the air. This goes true for using solar panels in Sacramento. 

Average cost of solar installation in Sacramento

The cost for installing a residential solar system of 5kW capacity in Sacramento averages at $14,600. However, as it is with other counties, residential solar systems are available at lower as well as higher prices. 

And as you might guess, you get better-quality solar components, better servicing, and longer warranties for more components with solar systems that cost higher than the market average. 

Source: EnergySage  

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Check solar storage options with a solar installer in Sacramento 

Solar power storage further lowers utility bills. By storing half of the solar energy you generate during the daytime in batteries, you can use the stored power during peak hours such as evening and nighttime when utility power demands and charges are high. And by avoiding using utility power during peak hours, you can lower your utility bills to a significant extent.

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By storing solar-generated power, you are also protected during utility power failures. You can access the stored solar-generated power whenever there’s a power failure or extend the operating time of your home’s power backup system. 

Wrapping up

Now is certainly the best time to go solar in order to take full advantage of the Federal tax credit as the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) has been extended for two years, for 2022, and 2023. With the two year-extended tax credit, you can save on your initial solar installation expenses to a significant extent.

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After 2023, the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is set to be only applicable for commercial/utility requirements, and that too at only 10%. 

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