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Solar energy in the Bay Area has now gotten more affordable, thanks to the local solar rebates that offer generous incentives. This essentially means that you can cut down upfront costs to a significant extent even if you plan on choosing one of the best solar companies in Bay Area.  

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Being a resident based in the Bay Area, you already are at an advantage as San Francisco and the surrounding regions benefit from higher monthly Global Horizontal Irradiance (GHI), Direct Normal Irradiance (DNI), and Average Tilt at Latitude (ATaL) than average. 

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Best solar companies in Bay Area: costs

In San Francisco, solar system installation costs can average $15,100 and the cost per Watt can average at $3.02/W. However, as it is with other Californian cities and regions, there are no shortages of affordable as well as premium options.  

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With solar energy system installations, cheaper quotes aren’t always good as many solar companies in Bay Area that offer quotes lower than market average cut corners on solar panel wattage and overall quality. With lower quotes also come shorter warranty coverages. 

The key is to combine good-quality solar-energy components and longer warranty periods with government and/or utility company incentives to access discounted installation costs and get a good return on investment in a shorter duration. 

Best solar companies in Bay Area: local installers

Local solar companies in San Francisco are an ideal option for local rates, easier reachability, lower purchase plan pricing, and most importantly, better servicing and maintenance. 

Here are the three best local solar installers in Bay Area: 


Address – 300 Montgomery St. Suite 730, San Francisco, California 

Telephone – (800) 804 7958 is one of the top solar installation companies in California and dedicatedly serves the Bay Area. As one of the credible solar companies in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area regions, the company offers design, installation, permit, and maintenance services at competitive quotes and cost-per-watt rates that range from $3.70 to $4.60/W.

For home installations, the company offers 25 years of warranty-covered Enphase inverters and Panasonic solar panels in Bay Area. also has its local offices in San Diego and Los Angeles. It is also associated with several financing companies, including Energy Loan Network, Dividend Solar, and the HERO Program. 

2. SolarUnion 

Address – 6 Persia Avenue, San Francisco, California 

Telephone – 888-815-6633

SolarUnion is one of the top and best solar companies in Bay Area in terms of business operations size and credibility. The pricing of the company generally comes close to the $4.50/W mark for most Bay Area locations. 

SolarUnion offers a full spectrum of services, including energy auditing, installation, permits, financing, and repairs and maintenance. The Panasonic authorized installer offers 25 years of warranty not only on electrical components but also for output, roof attachments, and labor. 

3. West Coast Solar 

Address – 2155 Elkins Way, Brentwood, California

Telephone – (833) 381-9543

West Coast Solar is similar to SolarUnion in the sense that it is one of the full-service solar companies in Bay Area and the surrounding regions. The company offers its solar installation services across all major counties at a rate of $4.06/W.

West Coast Solar also offers minor roof repairs to make sure the solar panels and mount brackets are properly secured. Customers get the flexibility to choose from cash, PPA, loan, and lease payment options. Also, up to 25 years of warranty is guaranteed for the solar system, solar roofing, and battery system.  

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

Solar companies in Bay Area: large-network firms

Large-sized solar companies in San Francisco and other Bay Area regions offer extra sets of benefits, such as lower leasing/purchase financing prices, seamless integration with utility, and extensive customer support. 

Here are two best solar companies in Bay Area that operate on a large-scale network: 

1. NRG Clean Power 

Address – Owensmouth Avenue, Canoga Park, California 

Telephone – 800 698 6627

NRG Clean Power is undoubtedly one of the largest solar companies in the US. The company has a strong presence in California and serves the entire Bay Area. Similar to many local solar companies in San Francisco, the company covers all major Bay Area regions and counties with their full-service residential solar installation.

NRG Clean Power solar system of 6kW costs an average of $2.75/W. The company offers up to a whopping 30 years of warranty on its solar systems. The company is also Diamond and Tesla Powerwall certified and is associated with LG Gold, Tesla, and Panasonic. 

2. Semper Solaris 

Address – 10713 Norwalk Blvd, Santa Fe Springs, California

Telephone – (888) 210-3366

Semper Solaris is another large-scale solar installer that offers its services in San Francisco and the surrounding regions. The fact that the company covers all major Northern California counties makes it one of the best solar companies in Bay Area. 

Semper Solaris offers up to 25 years of warranty on its solar system, solar roofing, and battery system, and more than 30 years of warranty on roofing. The company’s cost per watt pricing averages at around $4.15/W.


1. Is it worth going solar in California?

Yes, it is worth going solar in California for several reasons. First, utility bills are high in the state and residents pay about $1700 per year. Second, California receives an average of 5.38 daily peak sun hours which is greater than in many states. Third, California offers multiple incentives, including federal tax credits. Also, credible solar installers in Bay Area make the permits processes smooth and hassle-free.

2. What are the 2 main disadvantages of solar energy?

The efficiency of solar panels is limited between 15 and 20% which is the first disadvantage. The second is solar energy is largely weather dependent. The energy output of solar panels significantly decreases when there is not enough sunshine. 

3. Is solar subsidized in California?

Yes, there is not just one but several incentives that make California one of the best states to go solar. Some of these incentives include self-generation incentive program, local utility company rebates, single-family affordable solar housing, solar energy system property tax exclusion, and Federal solar investment tax credit. 

Make sure to compare quotes

It’s always a good option to reach out to multiple solar installers in Bay Area, ask them for quotes, and compare them. By comparing multiple quotes, it becomes easier to get a full picture of what’s covered and what’s not. 

You can create a spreadsheet like the one below and list out all the important details, such as system size, number of solar panels, component brands, and warranty coverages in order to better compare them. 

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Solar angle calculator 

If you have plans to choose an adjustable solar panel bracketing system over standard ones, you can use this online solar angle calculator tool in order to position your solar panels at the best angle possible and increase the overall energy generation capacity throughout the year.

Wrapping up

One of the first steps to determining whether or not you will benefit from having a solar system installed in your home is to gain an in-depth understanding of the solar net metering in your region. If you’re based in the Bay Area or in another region in California, this video can help you learn how solar net metering works in the state. 

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Another important step in determining whether or not you’ll benefit from having a solar system installed by a solar company in Bay Area is to understand how solar tax credit works. This tutorial video can be a great starting point to learn more. 

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Save minimum $3000 by requesting a quotes from a different solar companies

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