Looking for the most energy-efficient way to illuminate your outdoors? Light up your space with these eco-friendly and affordable solar lanterns.

While electric and kerosene lamps provide the much needed light to ensure your safety, security, and comfort once the sun goes down, they not only contribute to global warming but can be expensive sources of light. And that’s where solar lanterns come in.

Solar lanterns are not only eco-friendly but also energy-efficient and cost effective since they use solar energy which is free, meaning you only incur the initial cost of purchasing the lantern.

The lanterns do not need electrical connection and are easily installable in a variety of places, including outdoor spaces. They are also portable and you can carry them with you even to remote locations without any issues owing to their size and design.

While there are lots of different solar lanterns available on the market to choose from, not all will be best for your specific needs and budget. As such, in this article, we’re going to give you a detailed review of some of the best solar lanterns out there and what features to look for to ensure you choose the right one for you.

Solar LanternsNo. of LanternsWeightWaterproofMax LumensWorking TimeMax Charging Time
Superdanny Outdoor Solar Lantern8-pack4.2 ouncesYes 6-9 hours5hours
LuminAID’s 2-In-1 Solar Lanterns2-pack8.6 ouncesYes150 lumens50 hours14hours
MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro1-pack6.1 ouncesYes150 lumens50hours14hours
TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern2-pack54 ouncesYes 8-12 hours8hours
Ollivage Outdoor Solar Lanterns1-pack12 ouncesYes 12hours8 hours
Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern1-pack8 ouncesYes210 lumensUp to 500 hours 
Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern1-pack6.38 ouncesYes65 lumens10hours4 hours
SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns  1-pack5.6 ouncesYes65 lumen10 hours 
TANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Lantern4-pack0.3 ouncesNo60 lumen8 hours 
JIAN YA NA Solar Lantern1 pack8.8 ouncesYes7 lumen9 hours4-5 hours

Best 10 Solar Lanterns for Camping, Gardening and Emergency:

Superdanny Outdoor Solar Lantern (overall best outdoor lantern)

Top on our list is the Superdanny Outdoor Solar Lantern, which stands out for its excellent run time, functionality, and appealing design. Featuring a unique antique design, this beautiful lantern makes a great option for illuminating your outdoors and creating a cozy, romantic atmosphere at night.

To begin with, this solar lantern features a solid build quality made from high-quality metal and plastic materials, which makes it incredibly durable and resistant to breaking. It is also IP44 waterproof, meaning it can withstand harsh outdoor elements such as rain, snow, and frost. This way, you can use this solar lantern all-year round without worrying about it getting damaged.

This solar lantern boasts a long-lasting 1600 mAH rechargeable battery and a 2V solar panel that allows you to fully charge it in only five hours of direct sunlight. When fully charged, this solar panel will illuminate your patio or backyard for up to nine hours, allowing you to enjoy maximum comfort and safety from dusk to dawn.

This model comes in a pack of eight solar lanterns. Each lantern is equipped with thirty pieces of warm light LED bulbs that create a warm atmosphere and aesthetic appeal for your patio, backyard, garden or path. The solar lanterns feature an AUTO/OFF switch at the bottom, which allows the lamp to automatically turn on once the sun  goes down and turn off itself once it detects light.

These solar lanterns come equipped with convenient handles at the top, which allows you to easily hang them anywhere on the outside. They also feature a flat bottom, so you can conveniently place them on the ground or on a table to create ambient light for outdoor night parties or activities. There is also a nineteen-foot rope that lets you string the lights for better illumination.


  • Can be hanged or placed on a flat surface
  • Fully charges faster in only five hours of direct sunlight
  • Provides ample lighting throughout the night
  • Has energy efficient warm LED bulbs that create ambient lighting
  • Durable, waterproof construction allows for all-year use
  • Has an outstanding antique design, which gives your outdoors the perfect aesthetic appeal
  • Has an auto ON/OFF switch


LuminAID’s 2-In-1 Solar Lanterns (best lantern for camping)

Featuring a compact, lightweight design and remarkable run time, the LuminAID 2-in-1 Solar Lantern, easily makes a perfect option for backpacking trips and long treks in an off-the grid area.

This solar lantern boasts a simple, inflatable design that packs down compactly for easy transport and can be hung on your backpack to charge in the sun using the hanging straps with three adjustable snaps. The 3-way adjustable strap also allows you to easily hang the lamp on a branch for better illumination.

On top of the inflatable design, this lightweight solar lantern features an IP67 protection rating, meaning it’s both waterproof and dustproof. It comes equipped with a powerful 2000 mAh lithium ion battery that charges in less than 14 hours under direct sunlight and only 2 hours via USB.

When fully charged, this solar panel provides up to 50 hours of light on low mode, making a reliable option when you’re far from an electrical outlet. It also features a USB charge port that comes handy when your phone needs a battery boost.

The solar lamp has only one button that lets you cycle through the five brightness settings including the 150 lumen turbo mode, 75 lumens, 18 lumens, low 15-lumen mode, and the flashing mode. This makes adjusting the brightness a breeze for you.

There is also a power level indicator button that illuminates a sequence of one to four green LEDs when pressed, helping you know the charge left in the battery. It also has a red LED light that illuminates when the battery is receiving solar input.


  • It is completely waterproof and dustproof
  • Shutterproof and durable construction great for tough environments
  • Collapsible and lightweight design allows for easy carrying and storing
  • Easy controls with five different brightness settings
  • Long battery life makes it great for excursions, camping, and emergencies
  • Faster charging via USB port
  • The USB charge out port helps keep your phone charged


  • Not the brightest model out there

MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro

If you’re looking for a durable, premium-quality solar lantern for all your outdoor adventures, you can’t go wrong with the inflatable MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro.

The MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro features a collapsible and lightweight design that packs down into a compact size that fits into nearly any pocket of a backpack. This makes it hassle-free for you to carry it on your adventures. It has a fixed top strap and an adjustable base strap that allows you to easily attach it to your backpack while hiking or hang it from above.

When it comes to the build quality, this solar lantern features a rugged construction that’s waterproof and doesn’t scratch or puncture easily. It can hold a weight of up to 150 pounds without deflating and can withstand all sorts of weather elements, making it a great option for outdoor use even when the weather is unfavorable.

This reliable solar lantern has a built in 2000mAH lithium-ion battery and a highly-efficient solar panel that fully charges it in 7 hours by solar. You also can recharge the battery faster via USB in less than two hours. This solar lamp provides light for up to 50 hours on a single charge.

It features 10 warm white LEDs and 4 light modes, allowing you to easily adjust the brightness to your liking. There is also a 4 LED battery level indicator that helps you know the remaining charge as well as when the battery is charging. It has a simple blow valve that lets you easily inflate the lantern.

Another standout feature of the MPOWERD Luci Outdoor 2.0 Pro is its ability to charge your smartphone via the USB port using solar power. This ensures your phone never runs out of juice when you’re out in the wilderness.


  • ​Great for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, biking, and boating
  • Lightweight and collapsible design makes it easy to carry
  • Durable and waterproof construction
  • ​Multifunctional design can be used for illuminating your space and charging your devices
  • ​Provides ample lighting with different brightness settings
  • Can be charged via USB
  • It has a battery level indicator
  • Provides up to 50 hours of decent light on a single charge


  • It can be difficult to locate the power button in the dark

TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern

The TomCare Solar lights Metal Flickering Flame Solar Lantern is arguably one of the most popular solar lanterns out there mainly due to its incredible performance, realistic flame styling, and decent price tag.

To begin with, this solar lantern boasts a solid build quality that features a premium metal frame with a rustproof bronze finish and clear ABS plastic on the sides. It also features IP65 waterproof protection, so it can withstand harsh weather elements without any problem. It has a durable hook, which lets you hang it or even place it on the tabletop.

This solar lantern gives a realistic flame effect with the flickering light flames on the sides to create a more ambient atmosphere. The warm yellow flame glow not only brings a welcoming ambience and relaxed mood but also adds a perfect aesthetic appeal to your space.

It comes in a pack of two lanterns, so you can get ample lighting for larger spaces when you place them properly apart. The lantern fully charges in only 6 hours and provides approximately 50 lumens of bright light for up to 8 hours in a 360 degrees direction.

What’s more? This solar-powered lantern is backed by a one year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee, meaning you can return it for a full refund in case anything goes wrong or doesn’t work as expected.


  • Beautiful antique design perfect for outdoor decoration
  • Has a unique realistic flame light styling that creates a relaxed mood
  • IP65 waterproof rating, makes it dustproof and waterproof
  • Solid build quality holds up well against weather elements
  • It is backed by a one-year warranty and a money-back guarantee
  • Provides bright light for up to 12 hours
  • Comes with a handle for hanging
  • Comes in a pack of two lanterns


  • Can be expensive for some

Ollivage Outdoor Solar Lanterns

Offering the perfect combination of solar run time, unique design, and quality at the most affordable price, the Ollivage Dancing Flame Outdoor Solar Lantern makes the perfect value for your money.

The solar lantern gives a flickering LED light that looks like a real flame. The attractive realistic flame effect creates a warm atmosphere, making this solar lantern a perfect option for outdoor events such as barbecues, parties, or even camping trips.

It is equipped with a highly efficient solar panel that powers it using the solar energy, so you don’t need to buy batteries, making it an energy efficient lantern while also helping you save money.

When fully charged, this solar lantern can provide ample lighting for up to twelve hours. It also features automatic sensors that turn on the lights when it gets dark, so you don’t have to do it yourself manually.

The built in 2200Ah battery fully charges in less than 8 hours by solar and less than 2 hours via USB when the weather isn’t favorable. This way, you get to enjoy the warm flame lighting no matter the time of the year.

The lantern comes equipped with a durable circular clip and a hanging handle, allowing you to easily hang it or clip it on anywhere you’d want. You also can place the lantern on a flat surface when you need adequate lighting.

What’s more? This solar lamp features a durable construction made from high quality plastic and is IP65 waterproof rated, meaning you can use it regardless of the weather condition. It is also backed by a one-year warranty and remarkable customer service.


  • It can be hang, clipped, or placed on a tabletop
  • Comes with a one-year warranty and exceptional customer service
  • Can be charged using solar or USB power
  • Has a long-lasting battery that offers extended run time
  • Durable construction holds up well against weather elements
  • Gives an attractive flame-like light effect
  • Comes with a convenient auto on and off function
  • Easy to install and requires no wiring


Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern (best mini outdoor lantern)

If you’re looking for a simple, yet incredibly practical solar lantern, the Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is easily the best choice for you.

At only 8 ounces, this mini lantern is pretty lightweight, making it a great option to bring along on your adventures where every ounce counts. Also, measuring about 6 x 3 x 2 inches, the Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini Lantern is a compact size, meaning it won’t take up much space in your backpack.

When it comes to its durability, this solar lantern features a solid construction with an IPX4 waterproof rating, so you can use it even while it’s raining without getting damaged. The hanging hook as well as the legs and knobs are quite strong and hold up well even with regular use.

This solar lamp boasts adjustable folding legs, which lets you place it even on uneven surfaces. The top part of the lantern has a string hook that makes hanging a breeze. There is also a built in magnet at the top, which allows you to attach it under your car hood easily.

The lantern features a 11.6WH li-ion rechargeable battery that fully recharges in about 4 hours via USB or by solar power using the included omad 7 Plus solar panel. When fully charged, the long-lasting battery can run for up to 500 hours on the lowest light setting. And up to 4 hours on a higher 210 lumen setting.

It is also designed super easy to use with its single simple and intuitive knob that lets you turn the LED lights on and off as well as adjusts the level of brightness to your liking. It also serves as a charger bank, allowing you to charge your small devices such as your smartphone and camera while on the go.


  • Offers up to 500 hours of runtime on lowest brightness settings
  • Folding legs let you to set the lantern up almost anywhere
  • Doubles up as a charger bank for charging your devices
  • Comes with a built in USB charging cable , so you don’t have to buy cables again
  • Built in magnets allow for more mounting options
  • Can be charged with the hand crank
  • Incredibly easy to use with the simple and intuitive controls
  • Comes at an affordable price


  • Not the brightest lantern out there

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern (best solar camping lantern)

The Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern is a lightweight and portable solar camping lamp that functions as a reliable outdoor light, flashlight, and USB charger for an affordable price tag.

This solar camping lantern comes loaded with lots of handy features including an innovative collapsible design that packs down to merely 3.35 x 1.77 inches and weighs just 8.8 ounces. This makes it a space saving option ideal for all your outdoor adventures including backpacking and hiking trips.

It is also splash proof rated, meaning you can use it no matter the weather conditions whether it’s hot or cold or even rainy or snowy. It comes equipped with an 800mAh lithium battery that fully charges in about 4 hours via USB and only 6 hours by solar. The lantern provides lighting for up to 6 hours on a low brightness setting, which is enough for nighttime use.

Another unique and outstanding thing about the Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern is its smart circuitry that consists of fail-safes to prevent it from getting damaged due to overcharging, over-discharging, or overheating. This means you don’t have to worry even when you leave it plugged in for a longer duration.


  • Engineered with fail-safes to prevent overcharging
  • Can be used as a flashlight
  • Serves as a power bank for charging your small devices
  • Packs down compactly for backpacking
  • Can be charged by solar or via USB
  • Provides three lighting modes for reliable lighting
  • Comes at an affordable price tag
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty
  • Great for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and many more


  • The handle could be made stronger and more durable
  • It doesn’t have a charging indicator to show if its charging

SUAOKI Led Camping Lanterns

Boasting an innovative space saving collapsible design, the SUAOKI Led Camping Lantern is the perfect option for those looking for a lantern that’s lightweight, portable, and versatile.

One of the highlight features of this solar LED lantern is its collapsible design, meaning it packs down into a compact size of only 1.77 inches ideal for backpacking. It is also a versatile solar lantern that you can use as a regular flashlight or as a powerbank to charge your phone and other small devices via the built-in USB output port when you’re in an off the grid area.

While this solar lantern is collapsible, it is designed to open up and give plenty of lighting in the evenings. It provides three light modes that include; high, low, and SOS flashing modes. This makes it a reliable and a convenient source of light for any outdoor event or activity.

This solar camping lantern offers you dual recharging methods, which includes via USB or by solar. This helps to ensure you can continue using it even during unfavorable weather conditions. When fully charged, this lantern gives ample lighting for up to 10 hours on the lowest setting and about 5 hours on the highest mode.


  • Can be used as a lantern flashlight
  • Can also double up as a power bank to charge your phone and other gadgets
  • Packs down compactly and lightweight for backpacking
  • Offers three lighting modes for longer battery life and to set the mood
  • Can be charged via USB or by solar
  • Gives bright light that’s enough to illuminate a room
  • charge indicator helps you know if the solar power is charging it properly


  • The battery life could be improved
  • Bugs, dust, and dirt can get inside the lamp easily
  • The lamp isn’t waterproof

TANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Lantern

If you’re looking for an ultra-portable solar lantern that can provide ample lighting for your campsite, inside your house, or even your backyard, the TANSOREN 4 Pack Solar LED Lantern is your best choice.

Available in a pack of four, these solar lanterns come equipped with omnidirectional LED lights that give proper lighting in all directions of your space. You can charge these lanterns by solar power or via a 5V DC USB cord during winter or when it’s dark. You can also power it using 3AA batteries, which ensures you have light whenever you need it.

Weighing just 0.3 ounces, this lantern is quite lightweight and is also collapsible, meaning it folds down to a compact size so it doesn’t take up much of your backpack space and allows for easy storing. Despite its lightweight design, this solar lamp features a durable construction made of military-grade plastic and is resistant to water damage.

Each lantern has three separate COB strip LEDs with an amazing 100,000 hours of bulb life and provides up to 8 hours of bright 360 degree white light on a single charge. Setting the brightness level and shutting off the lantern is fairly easy as all you need to do is to pull the handle up or push it in.

You can hang the lantern anywhere you want using the handle or attach it to your car’s hood or any metal surface using the four magnets on the bottom. This also frees your hands so you can continue doing other activities.


  • Has multiple power supply options to ensure you always have light
  • Bright red charging indicator helps know if the lantern is charging
  • Equipped with COB LEDs for a longer lifespan
  • Can be used for charging mobile phones and other small gadgets using the USB port
  • Easy to adjust the brightness and to power on and off
  • Has multiple mounting options
  • Lightweight and collapsible design makes storing and transporting easy
  • Comes in a pack of four lanterns


  • Not fully waterproof

JIAN YA NA Solar Lantern

Featuring a clean, elegant design and an attractive flickering flame styling, the Jian Ya Na Solar Lantern creates a warm romantic atmosphere while also adding ambience to any space.

This lantern boasts a durable build quality that features high quality plastic material that’s both waterproof and rust-resistant. This makes it a great all-weather lantern that you can use for lighting your patio and other outdoor spaces without worrying about weather conditions.

It has a built-in battery that fully charges in about four to six hours when placed in direct sunlight. The lantern provides ample lighting for up to 9 hours on a single charge. It also has automatic sensors, which turns the lantern on once it gets dark and off at dawn.

It is equipped with a large ring and clip that makes setting up the lantern a breeze for you, whether you want to hang it on a tree or clip it for better illumination.


  • Great for lighting outdoor spaces like patio, driveway, yard, campsite, garden and others
  • Easy to use and install as it doesn’t require any wiring
  • An energy efficient solar lantern that helps save money
  • An attractive flame-like light effect
  • It is IP44 waterproof for all-weather use
  • Can be hanged or clipped
  • Long-battery life offers a great run time
  • Automatically turns on and off using the light sensors


  • Not the brightest lantern out there

Buying guide: What to look for when buying the best solar lantern

The best solar lantern lights up your home, camping site, garage, walkways, and other places, helping you to work, sit or walk around your property at night safely and comfortably. However with loads of solar lantern models available, finding the right one for your unique needs and budget can be a challenge for you.

Following is a detailed buying guide for the best solar lanterns that will be highly helpful as it will take you through the different features to consider when making a choice.

  • Smart features

You will need to take advantage of automation when operating your solar lantern. Some solar lanterns automatically run on detection of motion and light or darkness, others have automatic on-off timers, whereas others are remote-controlled.

Since solar energy is a limited resource, it is important to conserve it by controlling how bright they shine, when and for how long. A number of lanterns have timers that give you control by specifying the time for the lights to turn on and for how many hours they should illuminate. Others have dusk-to-dawn solar light sensors to automatically put them on during darkness and switch off at daybreak.

There are also lanterns that have motion sensors, whereby movement triggers them on and conserves solar energy reserves. Others are operated via remote control such that you don’t have to wake up to put on or off, or control brightness or warmth.

  • Design

Solar lanterns come in all sorts of styles and designs. Choosing the right design can help improve your experience. For instance, you may want to choose a solar lantern with a collapsible design if you want a model that can fold down easily to a compact size for backpacking. You may also want one with an inflatable design that can float on water if you’re planning to use it for boating.

  • Build quality

Your solar lantern should be made of high quality materials for improved durability and to ensure you can use it throughout the year without having to constantly replace it with a new one.

Your lantern should also be lightweight and portable so that you can easily carry it anywhere while going outdoors. To avoid running home to pick it up every time it rains, go for a solar powered lantern that has a strong water-resistant performance, especially if you regularly perform activities such as paddle boarding in mountain lakes.

  • Ease of installation

A solar lantern should be installed easily. Most are hanged, and depending on where to use the lantern, the available hanging option is a factor to consider. Some solar hanging lanterns have multiple options such as hooks, metal handles, suction cups, and other factors that must also be balanced. Others come in the form of string lights that resemble Christmas lights and are solar-powered. They are ideal for a camping site.

  • Solar Charging Time

Most solar lanterns are charged under the sun. Charging takes time, and hence when buying a lantern, it is important to take into consideration the time it will take to fully charge it so as to meet your needs.

Whereas most manufacturers will state how long the light takes to reach full charge, you may find out that some lights may take a long time to reach their full capacity. Others take less than an hour to pick up enough charge to run on low through an evening. We recommend that you go for lanterns that take shorter to charge and last longer once charged.

  • Battery Life

All solar lanterns available in the market have inbuilt batteries which are used to store electricity, which is then used to keep the lantern turned on throughout the night. This requires a battery that maintains charge for a long time, and that can be charged over and over many times. We recommend you go for lanterns that have batteries that can have battery life ratings of between 6 to 8 hours or even 10 to 12 hours long, and that can last for a couple of years.

  • Light Quality

The first element that you must look for when selecting solar-powered lanterns is the lighting modes that the product offers. Solar lanterns will give you warm and soft to cold and harsh light.  Modern solar lanterns are equipped with LED lights that provide a variety of light modes and quality. Go for quality of light (warm or cold, diffused or sharp) that suits your preferences. 

  • Lumens

This refers to the measure of how much light a lantern produces at its light source. The higher the lumens, the brighter the light. Make a choice depending on the task you are doing and the place you want to use it. A lantern with 60 lumens and above gives adequate light for cooking, hanging out, and doing various outdoor tasks. Outdoor solar lanterns require higher lumens to brighten up the compound.

  • Charging options:

It is beneficial to have multiple charging options, although the solar lamp mainly relies on solar energy. In cold weather conditions, the other charging options may be of help. The new trend is where a lantern can be charged up either through solar panels or a USB port, and especially for emergency solar lights that must be charged all time.

  • Mobile Charging Capabilities

A solar camping light for example is used in places where there is no electricity. In a camp, people carry gadgets that require charging. Therefore, such solar camping lanterns would be ideal if they have the ability to charge various devices. They would assist you to top up your phone and remain connected throughout the expedition.

  • Number of Lanterns per pack

To get a well-lit ambiance, you are most likely going to need multiple solar lanterns for your patio. Because of this, most of the solar lanterns available out there come with multiple lanterns in the same pack. While some might offer 2 lanterns in a pack, others might even offer up to 8 lanterns in the same pack, which results in a very high value for money.

  • Warranty

Warranty is an important factor to consider when buying a solar lantern. This does not only come handy in case of malfunctioning but is also an indication of how long the lantern would last. The best solar lantern has a longer warranty period.

  • Solar Panels

Most solar lanterns will have a small inbuilt solar panel or a small portable one. The panels are what qualify the lanterns to be prefixed solar, and they’re actually the longest-lasting component of any lantern. Whereas big industrial solar panels can last for over 30 years, small ones have a shelf life of about 20 years. Go for one that lasts the longest.

  • Lights/LEDs

Lanterns that use LEDs last longer than those that use other conventional lights. LEDs might last for five to fifteen years depending on use. They may go off after hundreds of hours and hence you will need to change them. LEDs have a good track record of staying well-lit, hence ideal for a lantern.


  • How long do solar camping lanterns last once charged?

The length of charge for solar camping lanterns will vary based on the capacity of the batteries in the lantern. The quality of light and type of lights on the lantern will also determine how long it will remain on.  Some lanterns may not list their wattage, but they do typically tell you on a case-by-case situation how long the given product should hold a charge.

  • How long does it take to charge a solar led lantern?

This is dependent on the solar cells powering the lantern. The powerful the solar panel cells, the shorter the time it will take to fully charge the lantern. Most lanterns will require a full day – 6 to 8 hours of direct or mostly direct sunlight.

  • Do solar lanterns hold a charge?

Yes, solar lanterns hold a charge. They are designed with rechargeable batteries that discharge the power that lights. Higher capacity batteries hold charge for a longer time. Also, note that the battery discharge depends on the lumen.

  • Do solar rechargeable lanterns have another power source?

Some lanterns may have a backup source, but most simply use a rechargeable battery that’s charged by the sun. Other solar lanterns can be charged via an electrical outlet or USB charge, and hence have to be charged prior to travel.

  • Are solar lanterns expensive?

Solar lanterns come in various sizes and capacities that suit your budget. Apart from the initial purchase cost, they are relatively not expensive since they require almost no maintenance and charging costs. They are also easy to install and use, hence no need for technical expertise.

  • How long does each system last?

Solar lanterns will last as long as their components will. Below are some shelf lives of solar lantern components;

  • Solar panels: up to 20 years
  • Batteries: approx. 5 years
  • LED fixtures: approx. 50,000–100,000 hours
  • Electronics: approx. 5 years
  • Do solar lanterns charge while it’s cloudy or raining?

Solar panels use the energy from daylight and not direct sunlight. This means that solar lanterns will still charge even during cloudy or rainy days. However, dark thick clouds will absorb more daylight than thin white clouds and in turn, reduce the output of the panel.


Now that you’ve known some of the best lanterns available out there and the features for each model as well as what to look for when buying a solar lantern, it is time you went out shopping.

Using the above information, you can now easily find the best solar lantern that fits your budget and your unique needs.

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