Nowadays, there is a wide variety of options to improve the lighting of a home. One of the most popular options for many people is indoor solar lights. These types of lights can offer a wide variety of benefits and useful features.

Of course, not all of the available options have the same aspects or the same performance. That’sThat’s why we have developed the complete information on the subject and an analysis of the ten best options on the market. To make the best decision, we recommend you continue reading.

How do Indoor solar lights work?

In principle, the solar panel incorporated with this type of lighting should be placed in a suitable location. The solar panel should receive approximately 6 to 10 hours of direct sunlight. It allows for the accumulation of solar energy that will then be used for lighting. 

What are the advantages of Indoor solar lights?

Here we can consider the main advantages that can be obtained with this type of lighting:

  • Great energy savings: Solar panels allow us to generate free solar energy.
  • Clean energy: The solar energy of this type of lighting does not generate any type of damage to the environment.
  • Ideal for power outages: Solar lighting can provide light of different intensity in all types of spaces in the home. So, people will not be left without lighting when there is a power outage or an emergency.
  • Simple installation: This type of lighting does not require an electrician. Here only a few screws and drill holes in a wall are needed. After installing the solar panel in a suitable place, this lighting will be ready for operation.
  • Excellent lifespan: LED lamps and bulbs have one of the best longevity compared to a classically operated lamp’s lifespan.

Types of Indoor solar lights

  • Solar skylights: No solar panels are required here, as this is an option that allows you to maximize the amount of sunlight that reaches a home.
  • Solar lights and separate solar panels: After installing the solar panels in the most suitable location, these solar lights can be installed in various places. These lights can be incorporated in the form of a lamp or simply in the form of an LED bulb.
  • Solar tube lights: To optimize interior decoration, this small flexible option allows you to take advantage of all the sunlight. These lights are also known as sun tunnels or tube skylights. 

Different usage

  • Homerooms: This type of lighting can be incorporated into any of the interior rooms of a home. The solar panel must be placed in a suitable location.
  • Home exteriors: We can incorporate the garage door, the main entrance door, a barn, a patio, a balcony, a garden, and all kinds of similar places.
  • Camping: When it comes to enjoying a day out in the country, such lighting can complement a campsite.
  • Hiking: When hiking at night or in a dimly lit location, solar light or similar options provide constant illumination in any location. 
  • Wide variety of additional locations: Beyond the above locations, a stairway, storage shed, greenhouse, or any other indoor solar lighting ideas that require some lighting may be illuminated.

Review of 10 Best Indoor Solar Lights

1. Yinghao Solar Lights Indoor (Best overall)

  • Battery capacity: 5000 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 2 LED
  • Materials: Metal, ABS
  • Color: White
  • Operating time: 12 hours

First of all, people can improve the lighting of different environments. In this case, these are outdoor solar lights that include two LED bulbs. Each of these solar light bulbs for the inside has independent on/off switches. So this simplifies the functionality of these lights.

A large capacity of the lithium battery has also been incorporated, which provides 5000 mAh. So people can get 4 to 12 hours of illumination during the night. For that, six to eight hours of direct and intense sunlight is required. So it is one of the best complements for a power outage or a camping day.

Moreover, this set of accessories are very easy to install as they only take a few seconds to remove. Beyond that, not more important here is that this set of add-ons does not require any maintenance by the user, so that the structure is one of the most durable among those found in the market.

To complement a recreational vehicle, a garden, a camping day, and a variety of other options does not require the inclusion of cables. Here you only need a few hours of direct sunlight to have excellent illumination during the night. 


  • Two built-in LED bulbs
  • Waterproof lighting
  • Quick and easy installation


  • 4 hours run time with both bulbs on 

2. CarPo Solar Lights (Best for security system)

  • Battery capacity: 2200 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 182 LED
  • Materials: Metal, ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 8 hours

Another way to illuminate a large area within a home is to use this lighting system. Specifically, it is 182 LED quality lights that allow you to provide great illumination. This option can be used both inside a home as well as outside in the open air. 

Many people can use this set of lights to supplement a security system at all times. Three heads are incorporated here that can be directed to different locations. Angle lighting provides 270 degrees of illumination range. So it is possible to illuminate the garage, home entrance, or different rooms within the house.

The motion sensor detects any type of person and the lights stay on for a certain amount of time. All this requires is a few hours of direct, intense solar energy. These lights are capable of delivering 1200 lumens for 8 hours of operation on a full charge.

As if that were not enough, you can also choose one of three lighting modes. The person can choose between a dim mode, some brightness, or sensor lighting. Even this system has short circuit, over-discharge, over-current, and over-charging protection features.


  • Protection system
  • 8 hours of usage time
  • Built-in motion sensor


  • Mostly useful for outdoors 

3. Kyson Indoor Solar Lights (Best for the barn)

  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 1 E27
  • Materials: Stainless Steel, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 8 hours

When it comes to illuminating special places such as a barbecue area or a barn, this shed light can greatly result. Here is a vintage Edison bulb that provides a warm white color. It is a low voltage bulb that saves energy when combined with the solar panel.

This system incorporates a 3-meter conductor cable and 40 cm from the lamp girl to the base. Therefore this provides an excellent decorative capability to place this solar light in the most convenient location. Even the pull cord along with the remote control with a range of 5 m facilitates the functionality.

The built-in bulb provides an excellent lifespan and can be replaced very easily and inexpensively. While several hours of direct sunlight are required, this illumination can be enjoyed for 8 hours at night or in times of darkness. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides the perfect performance to suit every need of the user. 


  • Classic design lamp
  • Remote control included
  • Energy-saving lamp with excellent illumination


  • Many hours of sunlight are required.

4. Kyson Solar Lights for Indoor and Outdoor (Best for versatility)

  • Battery capacity: 400 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 4 LEDs, one bulb
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 10-12 hours

Lighting that is versatile to be used in different spaces can be very useful in a home. In this case, it is a shed light that incorporates a bulb with 4 LEDs inside. It is especially the mini version that manages to complement all kinds of small spaces in a home.

Here an external solar panel has been incorporated along with a cable with a length of 3 meters. The pull cable and the remote control with a range of 5 meters allow much more versatile use of this unit. All this will certainly be more than enough to provide 10 to 12 hours of illumination when needed.

The remote control also prevents excessive lighting when no one is in the room. The simple design of this solar light manages to complement any type of home decor.

When it comes to increasing security in a home, this type of lighting is often the most appropriate. It can also be an excellent choice for illuminating a garden, garage, and other spaces.


  • Simple and pleasant design
  • Burn time up to 12 hours
  • Remote control included


  • Only three-meter cable 

5. SunBonar Solar Lights (Best for Home Smart)

  • Lumens: 1000 lm
  • Number of bulbs: 1 LED light bulb
  • Materials: Aluminum alloy, plastic
  • Color: White
  • Operating time: 10 hours

Another way to complement any type of home is to have these solar lights that are very efficient indoors or outdoors. Here the novelty is that it is an option that provides intelligent functionality. On the one hand, the remote control provides the possibility of choosing a brightness between 10% and 100%.

On the other hand, the remote control has a memory function for setting certain configurations. This solar lighting can provide ten hours of use. In this way, you can provide lighting to any part of the home or increase security in all spaces.

Beyond that, the structure is completely resistant and waterproof. So this allows using this solar lighting in different areas inside or outside the house. Without a doubt, people will have the versatility they need to complete their home lighting at night. 

The 16-foot long sensitive cable comes complete with a solar panel the size of an A4 sheet. It allows for much easier placement and very quick installation. Either way, people will be able to count on 1000 lumens of power with a few hours of solar lighting.


  • Quick and versatile installation
  • Smart remote control
  • Two colors of lighting


  • Single built-in bulb 

6. Otdair Solar Pendant Lights (Best for the money)

  • Lumens: 60 lm
  • Number of bulbs: 1 bulb, 28 LEDs
  • Materials: Metal, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 6-8 hours

To complement the lighting of any space in the home, this solar pendant light is recommended. To illuminate any of them for six or eight hours, four or five hours of direct sunlight are required. Besides, the installation can be done very easily by making two holes with a drill.

Along with that, the wall plugs can be fixed solidly, while the solar panel should be placed in a very convenient location. The efficiency of this for solar is intermediate level. It means that excellent usage time can be obtained as long as the weather is favorable for that.

Simultaneously, the 60 lumens are combined with a white one that provides acceptable illumination during the night. It may be best suited to supplement a room’s lighting within the home or other spaces such as a garage or barn. Undoubtedly, it is one of the options with a classic design and excellent functionality. 


  • Acceptable usage time
  • Remote control included
  • Waterproof structure


  • Only 60 lumens 

7. Bemexred Solar Lights Indoor (Best for light control)

  • Battery capacity: 640 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 1 LED light bulb
  • Materials: Metal, plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 18 hours

All those who want to complement home decoration simply and pleasantly can choose this indoor and outdoor lighting. In particular, this type of solar light can offer 8 hours of usage time and up to 18 hours with proper direct sunlight. An excellent lithium-ion battery with good capacity is incorporated for this purpose.

Even the remote control provides easier operation. This remote control allows turning on and off as well as choosing the two brightness levels disguises. It is also possible to choose a certain amount of hours to save energy accumulated by the solar panel. 

Beyond that, it is a structure that is waterproof, which gives great versatility to all users. Finally, the installation procedure is very simple and only requires a few steps. In this sense, the different home areas can be illuminated as efficiently as some outdoor spaces.


  • Excellent lighting control
  • Waterproof structure
  • Built-in remote control


  • Intermediate battery capacity 

8. KK.BOL Solar Lamp Portable (best for easy use)

  • Battery capacity: 1600 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 1 LED light bulb
  • Materials: Metal, ABS
  • Color: White
  • Operating time: 7 hours

This option is once again simple and versatile for people who do not want a large decoration with this type of solar lighting. The novelty is that it is a solar light that includes a portable led light bulb. In this way, different home spaces can be illuminated during the evenings or at any time.

In this sense, it is a solar-powered indoor lamp that incorporates a wide variety of uses. People will be able to do camping, reading, tent, hiking, or illuminate all kinds of indoor or outdoor spaces of a home. The excellent deficiency solar panel allows for about 7 hours of illumination.

Also, the LED light bulb of very low consumption avoids the excessive use of solar energy obtained during the day. Anyway, it is necessary to consider that this lamp is not waterproof although it can be used in different climates. The 150 lumens provided by this lamp can be very effective in a variety of environments. 


  • Excellent lumen output
  • Fast and simple operation
  • Acceptable usage time


  • Not waterproof structure

9. Kyson Double head Solar Pendant Light (Best for a complete kit)

  • Lumens: 260 lumens
  • Number of bulbs: 2 LED light bulb, 16 LEDs each one
  • Materials: Plastic, Aluminum alloy
  • Color: Black
  • Operating time: 12 hours

To have much more complete lighting concerning the previous options, here are incorporated two solar pendant lamps. In particular, this is a double-headed solar pendant lamp. Even each LED bulb incorporates 16 light sources. Thus, it is possible to cover an area of 360 degrees with free solar lighting.

Another important aspect is that this lighting system’s structure is made of stainless steel and other high-strength materials. So, this is the ultimate choice that provides an excellent service life. It is complemented by two remote controls that serve for each of the lamps.

In this way, three different brightness levels and three different usage times can be selected. Specifically, this is very useful in order not to waste the accumulating solar energy. Finally, the solar panel makes it possible to adapt to the energy needs of these two lamps. With proper sunlight, users will be able to count on a good usage time every night.


  • High-quality lighting
  • Brightness and time levels
  • Fully waterproof structure


  • Requires several hours of sunlight 

10. Suletake Solar Pendant Light (Best for durability)

  • Battery capacity: 2000 mAh
  • Number of bulbs: 4 LED light bulb
  • Materials: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Classic black
  • Operating time: 3-4 hours

Finally, people can rely on this solar pendant lamp to take advantage of its durable structure. On the one hand, users can have two control modes to turn this lamp on and off. In addition to incorporating a remote control, the 3-meter cable allows the solar panel to be placed in the most appropriate place.

The structure is made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust as well as high temperatures. Moreover, the lifetime of the whole structure is one of the best compared to the competition. The lighting angle is 270° which can incorporate different rooms of a home or any other place.

This lighting system is also waterproof, so different weather conditions will not affect the user’s lighting. While you do not get many hours of illumination, the truth is that this is a very formidable structure to use. 


  • Excellent illumination
  • Heavy-duty structure
  • Long life span


  • Short usage time

Buying guide: How to pick the right indoor solar light for your needs

While we have considered the best indoor solar lights, it is also important to perform a complete analysis. In this way, users will have the possibility to purchase the best option according to their needs.

  • Lumens: The amount of lumens is the illumination that each person can get in a lamp. As the amount of lumens is higher, it is a much more convenient lamp to get a more encompassing and intense illumination.
  • Illumination color: In principle, people will be able to get two types of whites in this kind of lamp. The cold white color is one of the least chosen by users, although it usually offers greater energy savings. The quality white color is usually much more pleasant for the interior of a home.
  • Battery capacity: The battery capacity is always according to the energy expenditure of each of the LED lamps incorporated. It is also a very important aspect when analyzing the time of use to offer each of the solar lamps.
  • Charging and usage time: Charging time is the number of hours that sunlight must directly illuminate the solar panel to obtain electrical energy. Usage time is the number of hours of illumination that can be obtained with a full charge of solar energy.
  • Illumination area: The illumination area depends on the design of each lamp or solar light. Some options may offer more than 200 degrees as a wide angle of illumination. Also, in a few cases, 360-degree illumination can be obtained.
  • Water and rust resistance: Some options today may include a certain level of waterproofing. Thus the solar lamp can be used inside the home or outside a house as well. Rust resistance is usually determined in cases where stainless steel is used to manufacture the structure.

How to use Indoor solar lights

1. The user needs to place the solar panel in a certain place to get enough hours of direct sunlight.

2. Then, the LED bulb or lamp needs to be placed to be illuminated.

3. It might be necessary to drill holes in a wall to place the lamp or battery.

4. Finally, you can use the solar light with a remote control or directly.

Are Indoor solar lights worth it?

Indoor solar lights are worth it as it provides excellent functionality without the need to spend money on conventional energy. The solar energy obtained is free and clean. So this type of lighting requires very little maintenance and provides free lighting every day. 


  1. Are there indoor solar lights?

There are indoor solar lights that provide convenient functionality without the need to incur a lot of expense.

  • How do indoor solar lights operate?

This type of lighting has a small solar panel installed outdoors to take advantage of exposure to direct sunlight. In this way, it is possible to obtain illumination for several hours without spending conventional electrical energy.

  • Can you get indoor solar lights?

Indoor solar lights can be obtained very easily and require a very quick installation. No electrical connection is required since you only need to install the solar panel outside of a home or any other place.

  • Can solar lights work indoors?

Indoor solar lights are specially designed to illuminate different areas of a home, vehicle, or other similar places. For them, light is connected to a small solar panel through a long extension cord. In this regard, we can also find a wide variety of indoor solar lighting ideas to decorate a home or any other place.


We can consider that there are excellent options for looking for the best indoor solar lights. This way, it will be very simple to improve the lighting of different rooms inside or outside a home.

Beyond that, this type of lighting only requires free and clean energy from sunlight. So it is a very convenient and practical option that people can use in a wide variety of situations.

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