Lighting your backyard garden, pool or patio has become more fun after the advent of solar security lights. They are eco-friendly, easy to install, need no electricity or wiring and have zero running cost. The use of motion sensors has taken the concept of solar technology to the next level by securing your premises through solar motion sensor lights. Before we delve into the variety of solar security lights available in the market, let’s first understand the concept in detail.

Through the past few years, solar lights have come a long way and motion sensor lights have emerged as one of their most ingenious uses. The frequent questions being asked about them are how do they work? and do solar security lights really work? Let’s understand this by first knowing about their components.

The panels

Solar panels are the founding platform of all solar lights. These are the components responsible to make the whole thing work and ensure that you can light up your patio without being connected to the electricity grid. These are made up of photovoltaic cells which are responsible to generate electricity from the sun’s light. These panels are installed in a spot that gets maximum sunlight for long durations. When sunlight falls on the panel and reaches the cells, they separate the electrons and the atoms in the cells. This process triggers the generation of electricity which is then stored in the battery. The construction of the panels determines the efficiency of the lights.


This is an essential part of any wireless electric or electronic gadget. They come in different sizes and capacities. The capacity of the solar security light batteries determines how much electricity they’ll be able to absorb and release in order to keep the light going. Depending on this, your solar motion sensor light can stay on for 1, 4, 6, 10 hours, etc. These batteries, mostly made of lithium-ion, have a fixed life and are replaceable. The capacity of common garden solar lights range from 600mAH to 2400mAH which can give a life of about 4000 hours and more.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors play the most critical part in the making of outdoor solar motion security lights. These sensors are of different types like vibrations sensors, microwave sensors, or contact sensors. Solar motion lights mostly used microwave sensors. These fixtures are installed in the backyard gardens fences, walls of pathways, outdoor stairways, patio, pool, etc. The passive infrared sensors inside the lights are triggered the moment they detect infrared waves generated from the movement of any object in its range. This range varies from 10 feet to over 100 feet, depending on the power and quality of the sensors. Most lights have controls to adjust that range. Laterally, the observation frame of the sensors varies from 120° for wall mounted lights to 360° for center pole mounted lights. 

When a human, animal, bird, car, dry leaf, or any object comes in the range of the motion sensor, there is a change in the infrared energy level because an extra wave of energy is added to the surroundings. The sensor detects this and triggers the system. The solar lights are turned on and stay so for 30 to 60 seconds before turning off again. But if the movement doesn’t stop or a new object enters the sensor range, the light stays on till things become calm again. So the solar motion sensor lights basically illuminate only for a few seconds, as an alarm and as a warning. They are designed this way to preserve the battery. Though some high-end lights have ‘stay on’ modes to turn them into decorative lights whenever needed. So with that in mind, if the on-time limit of a solar-powered motion security light is 6 hours, it means one full charge of the battery can last more than the entire night because it’ll only turn on for a little duration whenever triggered.

Photocell Sensors

These are another vital component of solar motion lights. The security lights are supposed to sense movement and light up only during the night when it is actually needed. During the day, they need to stay off and preserve energy since from the security point of view, they don’t have to flash. So the motion sensors have to be prevented from triggering the lights. This is where the photocells come in the picture. They keep the motion sensors on standby mode during the day and as it becomes darker, they signal them to be active.

The photocells also use radiant energy to analyze their surroundings. Within a specific range of the light spectrum, they measure the radiant energy of ultraviolet or infrared light and estimate the time of the day. There is a certain cut-off limit of the ambient light. When it gets brighter than that, the photocells consider that as day and prevent the solar motion sensor light from turning on. When the ambient light is lower than the cutoff, the motion sensors are activated. So the photosensors act as smart calculators as well as an intelligent switch.

The lights itself

The light heads are either fixed or rotatable to a specified angle. Each light head contains a certain number of LEDs which are actually the source of light. The more the number of LEDs, the more powerful and bright is the solar motion detector light. The number of LEDs per light head range from 20 to 70 and accordingly they generate brightness from 200 to 800 lumens.

Reviewing the best solar motion sensor lights

Having known the A to Z of solar motion detector lights, it only makes sense to find and review the best lights available. Both the online and offline markets are flooded with hundreds of solar security lights of different shapes, sizes, quality, features, and brands. This makes it really overwhelming to pick the right product that serves your security as well as aesthetic needs. Hence we dived deep into the world of solar motion sensor lights, analyzed tonnes of lights by scanning the features, price, reliability, durability, and brand reputation. We also went through hundreds of reviews and feedbacks from actual users to finally come up with the 8 best solar security lights with motion sensors. Read on to know your options for all your security lighting needs. 

  1. HM city

HM city is one of the best selling solar lights due to some amazing features. The 120 LEDs are powered by a highly efficient solar panel that is made of adopted monocrystalline silicon solar cells. These powerhouses give a conversion rate of up to 20.5%. This implies that the light can generate 15% more electricity than other solar products in the same solar light time. Power and efficiency is not its only forte. The robust-looking lights are enhanced by PIR motion inductor, which helps them offer 3 lighting modes

  • Security mode: When someone comes in the range, the motion sensor is triggered and turns on the lights
  • Permanent On: If you need the lights on all night, this is your mode
  • 3 smart brightness control: The light is on through the night and becomes brighter on detecting motion. 

The body is made with high-impact ABS plastic which gives the lights high resistance for temperature. It also makes them anti-corrosion, ensuring a long life. Along with the ABS plastic, the IP65 technology makes it weather-resistant and waterproof. All these factors go a long way in increasing the durability of Hmcity lights. The company offers a 12 months warranty and the product is outdoor certified by FCC, CE, and ROSH. This is ideal for your garden patio yard. You can buy the number of packs according to the size of the area you want to secure.


  • The 270° wide angle gives a large coverage of about 30㎡.
  • By absorbing just 1/3rd of a day’s light, it can last a whole night.


  • The sensors are triggered only when someone comes close enough.
  • The settings are not clear unless you try each of them with the lights on.
  1. Ameritop

This is one of the brightest lights on the list. Laced with 128 LED beads on its three heads, this set can produce up to 800lm, 6500k of brightness. At the same time, it takes care of heat dissipation. With an impressive photocell efficiency and upgraded polycrystalline silicon solar panels, its conversion rate is high at 20%. This helps it work well in winter too.

The light does well in the sensor department with its enhanced PIR motion detector. It can catch a motion at 26 feet, thanks to the wide-angle motion detector. The switching on and off is automatic, with the apparatus being activated only during the night. Though it turns off when there is no movement for 30 seconds. But when on, it lights up a good amount of area covering upto 270°. Thanks to its three heads design and smoothly adjustable heads that can move around horizontally as well as vertically, throwing the light in the direction you want. Even the lens hoods and motion sensors could be rotated along. This actually enables it to do the same work that other solar lights can do with 2 more heads. 

The ABS plastic material and  IP65 waterproof rating make it an all-weather light and keep it going in extreme conditions of rain, sleet, or snow. This is perfect for outdoor lighting and can be widely used as yard light, garage light, garden light, parking lot light, exit light, entrance light, driveway light, patio light, entryway light, etc.


  • You don’t need any wires or adaptors for installation
  • Can be installed on any type of material like metal, wood, or plastic.


  • The light stays up only for about 30 seconds after being activated. This could have been longer.

Pro tip

For harvesting the full potential of sunlight, install the light 6-8 feet above the ground in a place where it can get at least 6 to 8 hours of sunlight.

  1. Luposwiten

Luposwiten has its own standing when it comes to solar-powered security lights. The pack of 4 lights is equipped with 28 powerful LEDs, with each head generating a whopping 400lm of brightness. With 120 degrees of rotation range, the motion lights can cover your steps, yard, garage, or patio with dazzling lights. All this comes in an eco-friendly way without costly electricity bills.

These solar lights have a life of 5000 hours which makes them much more long-lasting than other security lights in the category. The lights stay on for 30 seconds once its sensors have detected the movement of an object in its range.

The wireless security lights have zero maintenance and are pretty easy to install. They are especially handy in remorse areas that are beyond the electricity grid. The solar motion detectors are efficient in securing your driveway, fence, and garden. It is best to install it at a height of about 10 feet to give maximum solar exposure.


  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • The acrylonitrile butadiene styrene material makes it very durable and tough.
  • FCC certified and UL tested.
  • They are lightweight and do not need heavy drilling or holding material to install. Some people managed to stick it up on the wall just with a 3mm double-sided tape.


  • The motion detector range is 10-16 ft which is comparatively low in the security lights segment.
  • No dim mode. Only on and off modes
  1. Vivii

These super bright security lights are value for money. The set of four pieces of solar lights have 30 LEDs that give an impressive brightness to secure your backyard garden, fences, patio, and stairways. Equipped with PIR motion sensors, these lights can detect movement as far as 26 feet. With a whopping 600 lumen of brightness, it can flood the target area with light during dark and deep nights. Any intruder will be stunned with its quick response from a big distance. And one daytime charge of 7 hours lasts for upto 12 nightly hours which is enough even in winters. And when talking of seasons, do not forget that its IP65 technology makes it weather-resistant, waterproof, and heatproof. 

What makes this light stand out in the plethora of solar-powered motion security lights available in the market is its dedicated sensor which makes it very reliable. A lot of motion sensor lights stop working in spite of having multiple sensors primarily because of not having a dedicated sensor.

These security lights are easy to install and the screws and mount are provided in the box. With such awesome sensitivity and brightness, this is no doubt one of the best options to upgrade your home security.


Can be fully charged within 3 hours. 


Keeps on for only 20 seconds

  1. Otdair

If you are looking for a solar motion security light with the best mounting, look no further. Otdair motion sensor lights, with 3 adjustable heads, are the right solar light for you. With massive 70 LEDs in the pack of 3, it can flood your outdoors. It has the best in class rotation angle with a 360° range. And having multi joints, all the panels could be independently adjusted. This provides incredibly wide and flexible coverage of 550 lumens that the light is capable of generating. The 2200mAh lithium rechargeable battery stores a charge which is enough to power the security lights for an incredible 30 hours, though it lasts for 6 hours when at the glare. The lifespan of these motion sensor lights is 5000 hours




Not dimmable. Only on and off controls are available.

  1. Cshidworld

When it comes to feature-rich solar-powered security lights, cshidworld stands out. This motion sensor floodlight has 3 modes

  • Security Mode: The motion sensor is active and turns the light on and off.
  • Smart Brightness Control Mode: The light stays all night, it turns brightest when detects motion and turns into 10% brightness when the movement fades.
  • No Induction Mode: Constant light with 30% brightness constant light, acting as decorative light.

These security lights are also the brightest in the lot. With as many as 224 powerful LEDs packed in their 3 heads, they produce 6500 K of brightness which can turn the night into day in your backyard in every flash. In Spite of the dazzling illumination, these lights are designed in a way that they are comfortable to the eyes.

 Meanwhile, with upgraded polycrystalline silicon in the solar panel, its conversion rate is high at 20.5%. There is a lot of energy-saving and durability. The tough ABS plastic and IPS65 waterproofing give it weather resistance and additional safety.

Coming to its range, it can detect motion upto an incredible 32 feet and within a 120 degrees wide angle. The replaceable 2400mAh battery compliments this capability and makes it one of the most powerful solar motion sensor lights. They are fully equipped to transform hazardous dark spaces into bright and safe environments. 

  1. LITOM

This is one of the high-end luxury products in the solar motion sensing security lights segment. Perfect for landscaping the pool, yard garden, deck, porch, driveway or patio, these spotlights are in the form of stakes that can be driven in the ground. But they can also be mounted on the wall for which the screws are included in the package. The 90% adjustable solar panel along with the two-in-one usage option makes it useful in a wide range of situations. The 30 LEDs packed in each light give super brightness of 800 lumens while the 20.5% photoelectric conversion rate provides optimal brightness.

The feature-packed motion security lights also have a remote control that helps toggle between its 3 useful modes, which are

  • Dim light no Motion Sensor Mode(12hrs) – In this mode these lights just work as dim lights to give a soft light ambiance in the area. It stays on without any movement.
  • Medium Light Stay-on Mode(6hrs)  – a slightly brighter than the dim light mode. It again acts as a normal light that keeps on continuously
  • High light motion sensor mode – This is the typical solar security lights mode. It glows bright and is triggered only by a movement. It stays on for 30 seconds.

2200 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery of these security lights provide them with 150 times more sensing power which is used in the high light mode. No wonder it can detect movement as far as 33 feet at a 120° detection angle. Though the light lasts for 30 seconds, it prolongs if there is another motion within that interval.

Each piece of this motion sensor solar spotlight passes a strict air tightness test before leaving the factory. This makes it resistant to extreme weather conditions of snow, rains, frost, and heatwaves. They are the best premium solar lights that can lighten an area above 300 sq feet.


The 3 modes expand its usage beyond the security realm to a decorative one.


The battery size doesn’t match the price

  1. glorious lite

This is a super bright and extremely powerful solar motion security light. It produces 1600 lumens of brightness from its 3 adjustable heads. Its upgraded motion sensors can sense a movement at 72 feet, which is double the distance of the next highest range sensor we have seen. Any person, animal, car, or any other object passing from that far is detected by this incredible security device. Besides, the sensing distance can be adjusted between 0 to 72 feet. Similarly, the light on the timer can be adjusted from 0 to 120 seconds.

The most special aspect of this light is the stand-alone charging panel which can be attached with the lights with a 15 feet cord. This offers a lot of flexibility in choosing the installation spot. The lights’ built quality is matched by its electronic quality since the LED beads of Samsung are used and are supported by professional optically designed filter lenses. This solar motion sensor light is perfect for a hassle-free green lifestyle.


  • A separate solar panel allows the light to be fixed anywhere with a 15 ft cord.
  • Brightest of all


  • The battery lasts for only 50 min

Final Word

The insights we shared on solar-powered motion lights will hopefully help you pick the right fixture as a gift for your yard garden. While you would be excited to decorate and secure your patio or pathway, do keep in mind the size of the property and the type of landscape you want to secure with these solar lights. Find the right balance between brightness and duration. You don’t want to flood the entire neighborhood with light but you also don’t want to leave any dark spot that could become a glaring hole in the security. Buy the right fixture for the installation point available with you.

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