A shed is a simple yet useful building in our gardens or farms. It serves as storage for our gardening tools and other items. Having a well-lit shed is, therefore, very important – and solar shed lights can help you.

While wiring the shed can be a good option, the electricity bills can quickly become burdensome. Solar shed lights, although they cost some money, saves you that monthly expenses. They use solar energy to light up your shed or barn.

There’s no doubt you need solar lighting for your shed. Now, let’s look at the best solar shed lights on the market.

9 Best Solar Shed Lights

1. LightMe Solar Shed Light (Best Solar Shed Lights)

This portable solar-powered lamp tops our list of the best solar shed lights. A full charge of 5 hours can give you up to 3 hours of lighting. It has a solar panel with photovoltaic cells that trap energy from the sun to light up the bulb.

The 1.5W bulb has a lifespan of 5000 hours, which translates to several months of continuous natural white light in your shed. A wire connects the solar panel on the rooftop to the LED bulb inside the shed. The lamp has an 850mAh battery that stores energy from the sun. If you’re unable to get enough sunlight to charge the bulb, you can charge it with a USB cable. 

This solar shed light is an affordable and reliable source of lighting anytime, any day. However, it is not without fault. The ON/OFF button is underneath the light’s hook. That makes it almost impossible to turn on or off the light without removing the bulb.  Also, the solar panel has a lousy design, but that won’t matter much since it sits on the roof.

The LightMe Solar Shed Light does more than lighting your shed or barns. It’s also a great lighting tool for different outdoor activities, such as fishing and camping. The light also serves as a makeshift reading lamp if the prints are too tiny.


  • Provides bright lighting
  • Affordable shed lighting option
  • Comes with a USB cable for electric charging


  • Bad positioning of the ON/OFF button
  • Unprofessional solar panel design
  • Some users report the light packing up after a couple of use

2. Designers Edge Solar Power Shed Light

With Designers Edge Solar Power Shed Light, you get ten super-bright LED bulbs that provide enough lighting for your shed, garage, and other indoor environments. The shed light has two working modes: a full brightness mode with the 10 LEDs working and a half brightness mode with 5 LEDs working. The first mode lasts for 2 hours on a full charge, and the second mode lasts for 4 hours.

It doesn’t matter where you want to use the shed light – it can fit into different settings. Its 16-foot extension cord allows you to position the solar panel to receive enough sunlight. You can either mount the unit on a wall or mount it on a pole. The Designers Edge Solar Shed Light automatically illuminates anywhere you mount it when it gets dark.

The lamp’s battery is only 600mAh, but it’s large enough to hold a charge that lasts several hours. Running the full mode that gives you just 2 hours of lighting isn’t the best you can get. Also, the solar panel is quite smaller than what’s advertised.

However, this shed light is simple to use and provides great lighting for small areas. It has a total lifespan of 100,000 hours, making it one of the long-standing options in the market. 


  • Two operational modes
  • 16-foot extension cord, which allows you to mount the unit anywhere
  • Fits into a variety of environment


  • The unit lasts for just 2 hours on full brightness mode and just 4 hours on half brightness mode, which isn’t good enough
  • Small solar panel size

3. Nature Power Solar Shed Light

Sometimes, you need more than just a typical solar shed light. You need one that comes with an attractive and elegant design that compliments any space you mount. That’s precisely what Nature Power Solar Shed Light brings to the table. It is perfect for the shed, garden, and even outdoor activities.

The most significant feature of this solar shed light is the pull cord that you can adjust anywhere between 7 to 32 inches. Whether you want the light to hang high close to the ceiling or hang close to the ground, you’ve got no problem. Another exciting feature is the remote control that can turn the light on and off from a distance.

While the remote control can turn on or off the light whenever you want, you can program the solar light to automatically come on at night and go off in the morning. It has four LEDs, and you can either switch all of them on at the same time or use just two of them. Although the LEDs give off bright lighting, you can only enjoy that for about 2 hours. That could go up to 8 hours if you turn on a low brightness level.

If we ignore the short run time and the fact that the battery cover is screwed firm, the Nature Power Solar Shed Light is a good buy. Installation is simple, although some people might need help with the complex user manual.


  • Adjustable pull code that can go up to 32 inches in length
  • Remote controller that makes it easy to turn on/off the light
  • Simple installation process
  • Good brightness level


  • The battery cover is screwed in place, making it difficult to access the batter
  • Short run time
  • It would help if the user manual was more detailed

4. Kyson Solar Shed Light

With Kyson Solar Shed Light, you get a sturdy design that will last for years to come. After installation, the light continues to work properly with little or no maintenance. It is made from Stainless Steel, so you never have to worry about corrosion, giving you the reliability you need.

When it comes to its primary purpose of providing lighting, Kyson Solar Shed Light does well. First, it has a 3m cord that allows you to place the solar panel wherever it can get good sunlight. Second, it provides up to 12 hours of lighting. That’s surprising because the light has a battery capacity of only 400mAh. You just need to charge the unit for six hours to enjoy optimum lighting. 

Like the Nature Power Solar Shed Light, it has a remote controller for controlling the unit. However, you must be willing to spend a couple of dollars more for this light. If these features mean a lot to you, then it’s completely worth it.


  • Boasts of a reliable and durable Stainless Steel design
  • Remote controller for convenient control
  • Long pull cord
  • Long run time of up to 12 hours on a full charge


  • Cost more than similar solar shed lights
  • Low battery capacity

5. Feifeier LED Bulbs

Most solar shed lights can only be mounted on the roof, but the Feifeier gives you several options when it comes to mounting options. It has a ground mount bar that allows you to insert the panel on the ground. Alternatively, you can screw the solar panel to the wall. 

The Feifeier solar shed light is an exceptional product with a 3600mAh battery capacity that delivers up to 30 hours of lighting after a full charge. If you have good sunlight, 8 hours is more than enough to get a full charge.

It gives off 200 lumens of light, which is superbly bright. That makes it a perfect fit for your sheds, garages, gardens, and balconies. The cool white light is always a fantastic addition to any indoor or outdoor environment. You can also set the light to turn on at night and off in the morning automatically.

However, the light hardly charges under low light. Sometimes, you would have to for up to 12 hours to get a good charge. The good thing is that the light is waterproof, so that prevents damage from rainfall.


  • Provides cold, white light
  • Supports ground mounting
  • Long run time
  • The lamp can be used in a wide range of environment


  • Takes extremely long hours to charge when there’s bad weather

6. Aqonsie Solar Powered Shed Light

The Aqonsie Solar Shed Light does more than provide you with lighting. It also doubles as a motion sensor, making it a great option for outdoor purposes. The light has three operational modes, which you can control with remote control.

Its Mode 1 features dim lighting and high motion sensor light. When there’s nobody around, the light gives off a dim light. But the brightness increases when it detects motion. In Mode 2, the light stays off when there’s no motion around. When the light senses motion, it provides high lighting. Mode 3 provides constant lighting, and this is the best mode if you intend to use the light indoors. 

It has a split design, with 4-leaf super-bright lights. Another interesting feature of this solar shed light is that you can adjust the lights to different angles. 


  • Three operational mode
  • Doubles as a motion sensor
  • Provides super bright light


  • The user manual doesn’t provide enough information for the installation

7. Tomshine Solar Powered Pendant Shed Light

Tomshine Solar Powered Pendant Shed Light comes with 4 LED lights that provide up to 12 hours of lighting. The 400mAh battery reaches full charge anywhere between 6 to 8 hours, depending on the level of available sunlight. This solar shed lamp can provide around 30,000 hours of lighting before saying goodbye.

Its fantastic Stainless Steel build means you don’t have to bother so much with maintenance. Another area where you save yourself some stress is controlling the light. It has an RF remote control that makes the job easy. There’s also a pull cord that can switch between the control options.

However, the Tomshine Solar Shed Light is not without fault. Some users complain of difficulty hanging the light. Some help from a professional might be useful in this regard. 


  • RF remote controller and pull-cord for easy control
  • Elegant pendant design
  • It boasts of a durable construction 


  • Installation can be challenging for some users

8. Lixada Solar Powered Light for Shed

Another remote-controlled light on the list, the Lixada Solar Shed Light is a great option for your indoor and outdoor lighting needs. This solar-powered shed light provides lighting for 4 hours after up to 6 hours of charge. It has a small solar panel that traps energy from the sun and converts it to light energy.

The light’s battery capacity of 400mAh isn’t the best you can get around. However, it seems a perfect fit for the small solar panel, which is limited in the amount of sunlight it can capture. At the end of the day, the brightness can only cover a small shed. You may need to install multiple units to get an excellent level of brightness in a large shed.

What’s commendable, however, is the inclusion of an RF remote control. With that, you can control the light without breaking a sweat. Also, the light is made of Stainless Steel, which translates to the durability of the unit.


  • The ideal is ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • It is made of Stainless Steel, which makes it unsusceptible to corrosion
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Small solar panel
  • Takes more time to charge than it takes to use it
  • Unimpressive brightness level

How Solar Shed Lights Work[A1] [A2] 

Solar shed lights have a simple working process. They typically have a solar panel, which is connected to the lighting unit with a cord. The solar panel captures energy from the sun and uses it to power the lighting unit. Users often have to place the solar panel on the roof of their shed or garage for sunlight exposure. Some, however, can be ground-mounted. 

The lighting unit usually contains LED bulbs, which have varying levels of brightness.  The more LEDs you have in the unit, the brighter the light will be.  

Comparing the Best Solar Shed Lights

Solar Shed LightsBrightnessRun TimeBattery CapacityCharge TimeMaterial
LightMe130 Lumens3 hours850 mAh5 – 8 hoursABS Plastic 
Designers30 Lumens2 or 4 hours, depending on the mode2200 mAh6 hoursSilver Lighting
Nature Power Solar Shed Light80 Lumens2 – 8 hours, depending on the brightness level500 mAh6-8 hours
Kyson Solar Shed Light30 Lumens12 hours400 mAh6 hoursStainless Steel
Feifeier200 Lumens10 – 30 hours3600 mAh8 hours
Aqonsie1000 Lumens8 hours800 mAh12 hours
Tomshine50 L12 hours400 mAh8 hoursStainless Steel
Lixada150 Lumens 6 hours400 mAh4 hoursStainless Steel

Buying Guide: How to Pick the Best Solar Shed Light for Your Need

Solar shed lights are lighting tools that use solar energy to provide lighting for your shed. So it’s important to get a unit that provides enough brightness for the shed or any indoor environment you want to use it. 

You would also want to get a shed light with great battery capacity, runs for long hours, and takes few hours to charge. Let’s take a look at these buying considerations in detail.


The shed light’s brightness is the most important thing to consider. The main reason anyone would get a solar shed light is to provide lighting for their sheds. So, it’s counterintuitive to spend your money on a unit that can’t light up the area.

Different brands offer different brightness levels. Some can cater for a small barn, while others can light up an entire garage. What you eventually settle for will depend on the indoor area you want to light up.


Do solar shed lights even need batteries in the first place? Yes, they do – and the larger, the better. These lights trap energy from the sun, convert it, and store the energy in their batteries. A large battery capacity means more energy storage, and that translates to longer run time.

Most manufacturers include the battery size when advertising. That helps you choose the battery capacity that’s right for you. However, some lights with large battery sizes barely last a couple of hours. Consider checking different solar shed light reviews to get a good idea of how long the light lasts.

Charge and Run Time

Some shed lights take longer to attain a full charge than others. If you get sunlight throughout the day, this really won’t be a problem. But it’s better to get a shed light that only takes a few hours to charge. Fast charging times are especially critical on days when you don’t get enough sunlight.

The charge time is one thing, and the run time is another. The run time is the time that the light stays on after a full charge? Some last for a meager 2 hours, while others can stay up to 8 hours. Except you’re on a tight budget, you should go for a unit that has a long run time. 


Durability is always an important consideration when we buy products. No one wants a solar shed light that packs up after a couple of weeks. Manufacturers generally will claim their products have the best reliability you can find.

Again, you have to depend on reviews from users and pros to make your judgment. It may take some time, but landing a durable solar shed light is the best way to go.


Different factors affect the cost of a solar shed light. It could be the battery size, material, or the number of LED bulbs. The price you eventually decide to settle for will depend on the features that are most important to you.

For example, a solar shed light with a large battery size will cost more than those with low battery capacity. Also, the build material can play a role. Solar shed lights made of superior materials are likely to be more expensive because of the durability and reliability they bring.


Do solar shed lights only work in the sun?

Solar shed lights primarily depend on the sun to charge and power the light bulb. However, many of them can charge with a USB cable if the need arises. To charge the light with sunlight, place the solar panels directly under the sun. 

Can I use a solar shed light in the garage?

Some solar shed lights are bright enough to light up a garage as a single unit. However, some do not provide enough brightness that can cater to the size of a garage. A good way to fix that is by installing multiple units of the solar shed light in the garage. 

Can one remote work on more than one unit?

If the light units are of the same brand, then a single remote should be able to control them. However, a single remote instruction cannot work on the light units at once. You’ll have to point the remote at the particular unit you want to control.

Could you lengthen the wire that connects the solar panel to the light unit?

If you’re electricity savvy, you can use a solar wire to lengthen the cord. You just have to ensure you use the right wires. Also, ensure you tape the areas where you join the wires to avoid exposure.

Do I need to come with a battery for my solar shed light?

Solar shed lights usually come with a battery enclosed in the battery compartment. If your product has no battery, contact the retailer or manufacturer.


Solar shed lights provide incredible lighting for your shed and other parts of your home. They also make a great fit if you intend to go camping, fishing, hiking, and others. The lights are very easy to use and require no electrical connections as they completely depend on sunlight.

However, when you’re out to buy one of the many brands out there, there are certain features you should look out for. The brightness, battery capacity, portability, charge and run times, and durability all top the list.  Our list has already done justice to the most important criteria, so we wish you a happy shopping experience.

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